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Welcome to the Business Quarter!

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.



This is where we make money so a degree of reverence and decorum is called for here. Thank you.

If you have no money you should go to a different page, because you are just being nosy here.


  • Media and Press
  • This page is for media and the press.

  • Email Directory
  • Please send your email to the appropriate subject box if you hope for a reply.


Business & Sponsorship


Professional Business



  • Sponsorship Shakespeare-X
  • This is for information on corporate sponsorship of the global announcement of the Shakespeare-X Message.
  • Also information on Angel Lee Vidor as a much more exciting and credible spokesperson than Tiger Woods and several slutty cocktail waitresses.



  • Literary Foundation
  • This is how The Shakespeare-X Foundation will operate after it is sponsored.


  • Art Dealers, Collectors, Curators
  • This has information about Lee Vidor's visual art works, exhibitions and art sales.
  • It's for art professionals who are interested in the business and magic of Lee Vidor.


  • Support Messages
  • These are support messages for Lee Vidor and the Shakespeare-X Literary Foundation from very famous writers and artists. Possibly including rock and movie stars who read.
  • Here you will find brief, witty, well-wishing messages from every serious, decent, self-respecting writer and creative artist on planet Earth. I hope.


  • Trademark & Copyright
  • This is a scary page warning you what will happen to you if you try to steal any of Lee Vidor's beautiful work from this site. That includes her gorgeous image too. Criminals should look here.


  • Lawyers
  • Lee Vidor is arranging legal representation against copyright infringement in every country of the world.
  • If you would like to be her legal representative in your country, then look here.
  • Enthusiasm is to be applauded, but you should really be a practicing lawyer.



Public Business


  • The rarest thing in the world.
  • This page has some remarks on the Shakespeare-X Message comparing it to the Mona Lisa for rarity.
  • It really is more rare, even though that seems impossible. Wow.
  • Shakespeare-X Message Clue Puzzle
  • The Clue Puzzle may or may not exist. Who knows. Click and see.
  • It's an opportunity to test your brilliance and reasoning skills against Lee Vidor's. And find out if you might have uncovered and deciphered the Shakespeare-X Message yourself.
  • You can win an exclusive clue to the dazzling Shakespeare-X Message, and a personal congratulatory email from Lee Vidor. Which will probably be irreverent and amusing.
  • It'll cost you $3 to try the puzzle, but it's fun and the Shakespeare-X Message is worth $150-$600 million. So $3 is a very reasonable price. I must be mad.
  • Did I mention that Lee Vidor is the only person in 400 years to solve the Shakespeare-X Message? I don't know about you, but that impresses me.


  • The Lee Vidor Store
  • This is a store for unrepentant shoppers. Leave your wallet here before you go.



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