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On this page you will find quotes from Lee Vidor on anything that's happening in the news.

Generally they will be witty remarks. Unless I'm in a bad mood, in which case they will be witty and bitchy.

Normally in the future they will be quotes on news and current affairs. Also they will be insulting to those celebrities and politicians who deserve it.

They're supposed to be witty and insightful. But sometimes they're just plain mean.

Maybe I'll occasionally be shocking too!


Then you can take these quotes and put them in your press/media articles or blogs, attributed to Lee Vidor.

Or you can just say them nonchalantly at cocktail parties while sipping a martini, and pretend you made them up and you're a well informed smartypants and witty as any darn cartoon angel anyhow.


The quotes are by subject heading.

This is all free at no charge whatsoever, not even a hidden charge.

The service hasn't started yet but it will once the Shakespeare-X Message is announced and everyone wants to hear every thing I have to say about everything.

Omg I can't wait!


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Quotes On The Shakespeare-X Message:


For the rest of human history I'm going to be the colorful parrot sitting on Shakespeare's shoulder. How many other contemporary artists will be known for that long? Will people even still know Elvis in 1500 years? Big Bad John, the Sexy Singing Blacksmith was huge in 600 AD, but where is he now?

'But information wants to be free! ' - This piece of information doesn't. This piece wants to be the most expensive piece of information in the history of the world. That's why it hid for 400 years.

'The Shakespeare-X Message is the Jewel of the Information Age.'

'The Shakespeare-X Message opens up a new universe of Shakespearean scholarship.'

'After the Shakespeare-X Message is announced to the world, for the rest of human history, Lee Vidor is going to be the colorful parrot sitting on Shakespeare's shoulder.'

'The Shakespeare-X Message is utterly unique. As a work of art it is rarer and more valuable than the Mona Lisa. As a cultural meme it is unsurpassed in importance to Western civilization. And as a magical secret it is pretty darn good too. A gossip would pay a fortune for it. I know I would.'

'Actually I doubt anyone could afford to pay the true sponsorship marketing value of the Shakespeare-X Message. Which I'd estimate at perhaps three times the market value of the Mona Lisa. Which would place it around $600M to $1 Billion.'

'In terms of advertising publicity, there has never been anything as magnificently astounding as the Shakespeare-X Message, there's simply nothing to compare it to. You'd have to publicly burn the Mona Lisa to equal the global sensation value which the announcement of the Shakespeare-X Message will generate.' Although burning the Mona Lisa in public is not something I'd recommend as a corporate branding strategy.'



Quotes On Being A Cartoon Angel:


I also have my own writing work to do, which is very demanding, and my private life too, here in the happy cartoon world of colorful but noisy creatures. Omg the constant squeaking and boinging is a nightmare! How they all love to fight!



Quotes On Academics And Shakespearean Scholars:


I am preparing for war being declared against me by every literary academic in the known world. That’s a lot of professors professing. You try fighting the entire faculty of Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale all at the same time. Omg those people love to email! And they do love precision. It's just like they're pedants!

'You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into.' Anonymous.

'Arguing with a man who has abandoned reason is akin to giving medicine to the dead.' Someone said that, but not me.

Some people prefer to believe that the world is flat, the moon is made of cheese and Jesus wants them for a sunbeam. It's not my responsibility to talk them out of it. I'm busy.

You can't simply deny mathematics just because you don't like the solution. I don't particularly care for the way 2+2 is 4 instead of 3, but I'm willing to accept the fact of it.

Just because someone won’t believe that 2+2 = 4, is no reason for me to get involved in their personal issues.

I provided the Shakespeare-X Message and all the mathematics. I see no reason that I have to provide them with therapy also.

A serious long quote on Shakespearean Scholars:

I should say I am extremely sympathetic to the present situation of Shakespearean scholars. These are honorable people who did a very great deal of fine work lasting centuries, which I have studied while confirming the Shakespeare-X Message, and always to my own enrichment.

However Shakespearean scholars are not general literary scholars or historians, they are Shakespearean specialists, and they were simply incorrect in their interpretations of certain literary texts and historical facts which they painstakingly uncovered.

Nevertheless these scholars have done a wonderful job in impressing upon the world the universal importance of Shakespeare as a writer, and this has greatly enriched world civilization. Only the bible can compete with the works of Shakespeare for its effect on the maturing civilization of mankind. In this, Shakespearean scholars have not been mistaken in the slightest, and they have done the world a great and important service.

I do not consider us enemies at all, but rather colleagues on the same journey towards understanding and truth. They have my respect and my gratitude for the excellent work they have done in the past, and I greatly look forward to the new work they will now do, building upon the stunning new revelation of the Shakespeare-X Message.

Culture advances only upon the shoulders of many. It is the fine work of this army of Shakespearean scholars and devotees which has made my new discoveries possible. They are my respected friends.



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