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Trademark & Copyright Notification

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.



Lee Vidor owns and controls the trademark and copyright on everything appearing on this website, LeeVidor.com.

This does not include the articles and photographs created by others and reproduced on this site.


This copyright and trademark notification does include, but is not limited to:


  • The name Lee Vidor
  • The image of the Angel Lee Vidor.
  • All Lee Vidor novels on this website.
  • The character Lee Vidor.
  • The signature Lee Vidor.
  • Everything to do with everything related to Lee Vidor.
  • All writings by Lee Vidor appearing on this website.
  • The Shakespeare-X Proof.
  • The Shakespeare-X Message.
  • The Shakespeare-X Foundation.
  • Shakespeare-X.
  • Anything else from this website not included on this list because I didn't think you'd be crazy enough to try and steal it.



If you want to use anything then by all means ask. I'm not ungenerous, I just don't care to be exploited.

But be aware I get an awful lot of requests and I'm very busy.

You can put my picture on your non-commercial website or blog, or share things to your social media. I like that. But not if you're a commercial business selling anything there and using me to advertise it or help your sales.

The media and press are excluded from this image/photography limitation.


Fair Use extracts are acceptable. Make sure you know what Fair Use is in the eyes of the law. It is a fairly precise legal term which is not used correctly on the popular web.

Fair Use is not a license to steal copyright material from its creator. Fair use never provides legal protection for commercial endeavors. Fair Use law provides for punitive damages for lost value to a copyright holder. In the case of a global image, such as a cartoon angel perhaps, these punitive damages can be severe.


Normal individual people doing normal things not for money don't have to worry about all this much. Although just because you think something is clever or witty, it doesn't mean that I shall also. I especially mean nudity and sex and violence here.

So remember, Angel Lee Vidor doesn't like to be insulted.

And I always enjoy suing businesses big and small.

Especially Hollywood.

Omg they are the best to sue. And they have money!

Lee Vidor Signature


Visual artists should note that this is an extensive work of art in an early stage of progress. It is 10 years too early to be thinking about appropriating anything from it. That would not be appropriation, that would be theft and plagiarism, and it would interfere with the planned development of this original work of art.



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