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I知 Lee Vidor, I知 a writer and artist and a cartoon angel. I uncovered a secret message from William Shakespeare which no-one else could decipher for 400 years. Now I知 famous and I知 going to be famous still in 1500 years. As long as William Shakespeare is famous, so will I be. I知 like a colorful parrot sitting on his shoulder.

In 1500 years I値l still be the cartoon angel who discovered Shakespeare痴 real identity. And rescued all those wonderful plays from obscurity. ;) And I値l still look as beautiful as I do today. Lucky me! 1500 years of fame for doing almost nothing!



Day 1

Woke up this morning.

I’m famous!

This is the very first day of my 1500 years of fame.

Had coffee.

Brushed my feathers.

Sat on my sofa as a famous person.

So far this fame thing is quite dull.

What do famous people do? I should do that!

Put on my sexy shades.

Now at least I look famous on my sofa.

Admired myself in the bathroom mirror for a time.

I have the best wings!

What would a famous person do now?

I could look in the mirror some more but it’s quite boring.

I bet a famous person would check email!


Checked email.

5000 messages!


Yesterday I only had 3 messages.

Read 17 emails.

Everyone hates me.

Everyone wants money.

Or wants to f*u*c*k me.

Or both.

Who would have thought an angel would attract so much sexual attention?

Now Renaissance Art finally makes sense.

Religious porn.

Now I’m bored with being famous at home. I decide to go outside and be famous outside instead.

I tuck my wings inside my jacket and get on my bicycle.

When I have my wings out on my bicycle, cars always beep their horns at me and the drivers shout at me.

‘Hey sexy angel! Let’s have sex!’

It’s quite rude.

And the men are even worse.

Just because I’m a cartoon they think I’m naive and don’t know what they really want.

They want me to love them and be their own private angel.

But now I’m famous, I’m everyone’s angel.

That’s so much nicer.

Everyone needs a sexy angel.

Especially a famous one.

Like me.

So I cycled down the street looking proud and famous for a time.

I waved at people in case they recognized me

And to make sure they did also.

Which is what celebrities always do when I see them on the street.

So I waved and waved to everyone.

They smiled at me like mad.

Until I hit a curb and fell off my bicycle and ruffled several beautiful feathers.

Although I retained my dignity and grace. As an angel should.

So then I went home and wept.

This fame thing isn’t as good as it looked.

Only 1499 years and 364 days to go.

Oh well.

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Angel In Shades




Day 2



Suddenly I’m the most interesting person in the world!

Nobody thought that last week, when I was walking around wearing my, ‘Hey, I’m an interesting person!’ T-shirt.

Then everyone thought I was just another annoying cartoon angel with gorgeous wings.

Suddenly just because I discover Shakespeare’s real identity, everyone in the world wants to talk to me.

How long is 1500 years? It already seems endless!

1499 years and 363 days to go............




My 1500 Years Of Fame


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