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Shakespeare-X Literary Foundation

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


The Shakespeare-X Literary Foundation for writers will financially support, publish and publicize new and established literary writers at no royalty commission or cost to member writers.

Our interest is to launch important new literary careers. And to expand existing ones. We are a worldwide non-profit organization. Membership is free and by invitation only.

Our intention is to create a new publishing model which will financially benefit and culturally empower literary writers.

Once established we will also begin to support important visual artists.



How The Foundation Will Operate


Once established the Foundation will discover and publish new literary novelists. We will provide all the supports which publishers have failed to provide for several decades. Mainstream publishers have failed writers so miserably that writing is no longer a viable profession. Even the best of literary novelists now have to spend substantial amounts of time teaching in order to survive financially. This is a failure of publishers, not of writers.

Member writers will be awarded sufficient financial resources to enable them to write on a full time basis.

New writers' submissions will be properly reviewed by talented professional writers and, once accepted for publication under the auspices of the Shakespeare-X Foundation, presented to the public appropriately, using our substantial marketing resources.

All services will be free of charge. The financial rewards of each writer's work will return to the writer.

In time we will also begin to support important new visual artists in similar ways via our art gallery and curatorship resources.


Who May Join Shakespeare-X Literary Foundation?


Any literary novelist may join by submitting work and receiving an invitation in response.

Please be aware that this is a professional organization.

It is not a place for beginners or hobbyists. Although you are more than welcome to prowl around and listen in. Associate internships may eventually become available.

This is a place for professional artists and writers. The scary dangerous ones too. Especially them. The ones who are going to change everything. Vision is everything here.

Membership will be severely limited in number.

Do not submit work until the Foundation is open for business. At that time there will be a public call for submissions.

Lee Vidor is busy at the moment dealing with the Shakespeare-X Message.

She operates very efficient and permanent ban lists.

It may take a year before there is a call for submissions, until then assist in the building of this community and in our campaign for corporate sponsorship. Please see below.


When you are accepted for membership you will be able to publish your novels with us here on this website, in a manner similar to the way in which Lee Vidor's are now presented.

You will have your own pages and professional PR and enjoy the imprimatur of the Foundation and its writers.

We will provide all publishing and PR services to you at no charge or commission.

Lee Vidor and Shakespeare-X professional PR staff will generate publicity for the site, for your published books and for your Author's Pages on this site.

There are no fees or royalties for any of our services. You are an independent business and we are a non profit organization. All financial returns from all book sales are yours and come to you directly from the public.

We are artists here, this is not an organization with commercial goals.

We anticipate new membership will be limited to the very best writers working in the world today.

New member writers will join a network of member readers for writers' submissions.



For Established Novelists:


We require your support if we are to achieve our goals.

New writers need and deserve your encouragement if the future is not to be even worse than the recent past has been for literary writers.

We will provide established literary writers with free PR services at the highest professional level.

Our PR department will be the finest and most creative in the world. It will be backed by the creative imagination of our combined members all over the world. All of them artists.

Established publishers are unwilling and unable to compete with Hollywood for media space at this level. We are not. We will provide mass media access and prepare you for its optimal use.

Unlike mainstream publishers we will not send you to bookstores one at a time because it is inexpensive to do.

We believe it is culturally important for literary writers to have a voice in the development of society. This has not been the case in the USA for several decades. Publishers have allowed trivial celebrities to usurp all media attention.

Once writers were important cultural stars. By definition, many of them possess the finest and most fascinating minds in the world. Good books are not written by dull minds. Somehow this has been forgotten.

Writers have a great deal to add to the public debate on virtually any subject, and particularly in this time of great upheaval and technological change.

We will seek to remedy this situation using our best resources. Our PR services will not be amateur in nature, neither will our internet presence.

We will also publish your books at no cost, no fees or commission. You will retain 100% of your royalties, just as all Foundation members do.

Your earnings will certainly increase very substantially under these conditions. We estimate by a factor of at least four, and probably a good deal more. Finally you will see your actual book sales figures.

That might be quite a pleasant shock.

However, it is not necessary that you publish with us in order to receive our PR support.

We believe in literature, as do you.

Although we will not allow our free resources to be used to create financial profit for mainstream publishers. Therefore access to our PR services for established non-publishing members will be on a case by case basis.

General active support of the organization will be considered an acceptable basis for membership, in lieu of publishing with us.

You can immediately join our literary discussions on the Famous Writers Wave: Writers Wave.

Lee Vidor moderates there in a civilized conversation with those internationally famous writers she has invited to join her at a casual cafe table group discussion. It is not an interview and you may show up in pajamas.

Access is by invitation only.

Email Lee Vidor here Wave Authors for an invitation to access the Writers Wave.

Lee Vidor will reply by email via your agent.


Please also consider joining our literary/new publishing model discussion Salon, Writers' Salons, and particularly send us a public message of support here; Support Page.

Your signed message will be published on this site as a means of demonstrating the importance and seriousness of purpose of the Shakespeare-X Foundation, and your belief that strong action must be taken now to ensure the economic future of worthwhile writing.


As declared atop the Support Page, your message of support for The Shakespeare-X Foundation will neither be used nor construed as an endorsement for the authenticity of the Shakespeare-X Message.

Although you would be wise to put money on it.


Here established authors will find a further personal message from Lee Vidor. Authors



What Everyone Can Do Now...


We need your support in attracting corporate sponsorship to the Shakespeare-X Foundation and the astonishing Shakespeare-X Message.

You can provide support by sending a witty pre-written email message to corporate sponsors, reminding them that the Shakespeare-X Message is of world/historical importance and is an unsurpassed sponsorship opportunity in the history of advertising.

And suggesting they get involved in sponsoring Shakespeare-X Foundation. Perhaps even insist. Email Sponsors

Also encourage all writers and artists of every type on the entire web to join this sponsorship email campaign. Musicians and actors and book lovers too.

Everyone who believes in the creative life, and in the necessity for quality arts to be in our lives. It's going to be a very mean and dull world without them. There are very few people on the web who are not here because of the availability of creative work of one type or another.

So Tweet the need for Shakespeare-X sponsorship, mention it in blogs and postings and on email signatures. Facebook and Myspace it and get all the world's creatives engaged.

If the arts cannot mature on the web, they will be forced to turn towards amateurism.

If this doesn't concern you then is should. And greatly.

'Sponsor Shakespeare-X Now! Google/Microsoft/Apple/Amazon/Yahoo..'

May be an appropriate, but still friendly, slogan.

You can find additional information on the 'Sponsor Shakespeare-X Now!' campaign here on the Volunteers page.


Without good content on the web there is no web. You can only read computer code for so long before it gets dull. The world needs creative artists and writers and we must have financial return for our work.

Otherwise soon all the art in the world is going to be made by hobbyists who struggle with day jobs too. Amateur work is not professional work, any more than a blog is the New York Times.

The Shakespeare-X Foundation can lead the way towards a better financial model for writers and artists.

This is reason enough for a socially responsible corporation to sponsor Shakespeare-X, especially one whose interests are served by the healthy maturation of the internet.

And especially especially one whose profits are derived from brokering internet writing and images and music.

This may mean you, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Yahoo etc etc.

(Won't some computer wiz please automate this email lobbying process for me and make it easily available to everyone on the web via Facebook, Myspace Twitter etc..)

Lobbying works and the web is democratic. As is consumer spending.

Read more on the Sponsorship Page.


Beyond the Shakespeare-X Foundation's goal, which is sufficient reason in itself for a productive and viable corporate sponsorship, we will offer corporate sponsors the exclusive global announcement of the Shakespeare-X Message, the jewel of the Information Age. And certainly the greatest advertising/branding campaign in history.

And Lee Vidor is a pretty neat spokesperson too.

There is nothing more valuable in media communications today than the ability to attract attention.

This is the era of creativity.

And we have it here.



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