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Right Here.


Lee Vidor has addiitional new books now published and for sale on Amazon.

The Shakespeare-X Message by Lee Vidor is a non fiction book which is a complete discussion and explication of the message to the world from Shakespeare, its causes and consequences and its mathematical proof entire. The book also has important things elucidated which are not available on this web site. The very important complete and conclusive mathematical modelling for example.

Currently it costs $2-99 everywhere in the world.



And We Will Soar Into The Air As If Lured By The Sun - a novel by Lee Vidor

This is a novel of the Jazz Age of the 1920s in New York. It explores the authentic world out of which Fitzgerald created The Great Gatsby, and the debauched daily life which Fitzgerald could not then easily report.

You can find all the Lee Vidor books here on Amazon.

Lee Vidor Novels Page on Amazon US 

Lee Vidor Novels Page on Amazon UK



Here you can find witty current news and celebrity quotes from Lee Vidor to spice up your press articles, your blogs or your life. - But you'll owe her if they get you seduced at dinner and cocktail parties!


Visit Will Shakespeare's Neighborhood. These remarkable photographs show the hood of young Will Shakespeare as a boy. They are spectacularly authentic. Just be aware it's a comic page for your amusement, and don't be writing me angry letters disputing it!

Because you'll look stupid then, even though it is very authentic looking.


You can watch Lee Vidor living her life live on her television channel. - Well maybe you can. It's set up technologically, but I'm so busy changing Shakespeare's identity now that I may wait until I have a regular talk show on regular old broadcast television.

Then I'll be really witty and say outrageous things to really famous people. Just wait until I compare bottoms with J-Lo.. J-Low.. Jay-Loe.. Oh get a real name girl! You sound like a hi tech kitchen machine!


You can personally come and drink tea live on Second Life with Lee Vidor. - And she may even talk to you! - If you're pleasant.


Lee Vidor To Get Statue In Trafalgar Sq, London! - Omg! And all I did was finally identify Shakespeare for them properly after 400 years when nobody else could. The British are so fair and respectful of achievement.


The Lee Vidor Shakespeare-X Message Press Conference, Live From Easter Island. - Lee Vidor Shocks World!




Lesser News:


Who Is Spying On Us On The Internet? Creepy marketers, that's who. - Thank God I'm anonymous!


See uncontacted Amazon rainforest people staring up in wonder at an airplane. - Omg this is so beautiful!


A calculation of the true financial value of the Shakespeare-X Message. - Wow, it's expensive!


Omg - Our bees are disappearing and we're all going to die. - How lonely the birds will be without the bees?


Look! - It's a mechanical bird that flies like a... bird. That's impossible! - How beautiful and clever is that? It's art.


What Earth Looked Like From Space 500 Million Years Ago. - Omg Earth is a beautiful living organism!



Otherwise all the pages on the site are new at the moment, so instead here's...



The Latest Lee Vidor News!


Omg, you want still more news than that a message to the world from William Shakespeare has been uncovered?

And by a lovely pleasant cartoon angel too!

And it has an exciting name. The Shakespeare-X Message. Omg.

I'm limp at the thought of it.

But it's still not enough news for you?


Oh, you want more information on The Shakespeare-X Message?

It's been 400 years and suddenly you're impatient?

How much news this exciting is there on an average day?

This is like a once-a-century piece of news!

Only it's been four centuries.

So it's late..


No wonder you're impatient. You've been drumming your fingers on the table for an extra three hundred years.

Okay, I promise I'll have something new and great within the next century.

Meanwhile read this whole website then come back here very soon.

I'll have new news then.


Just have this for now instead -----



And now the weather...














A news update..


1. Nothing has happened in the 5 minutes since I wrote the above. No changes in my personality or life whatsoever.

2. Five seconds ago I made the news update above.

3. Three seconds ago I made another news update. See above.

4. Omg this is just like Twitter! I thought 2 seconds ago

5. @Omg she said this is just like Twitter! I agree.

6. @Me too!.. Only existential and deep. 1 second ago.

7. The Twitter speed is an unreachable barrier just like the speed of light! You can never get into the present.. I thought 2 seconds ago.

8. Oh I hate this. No more news up-dates. It’s making me dizzy with solipsism.. I thought a second ago.. Help!



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