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There are lots of ways to talk to Lee Vidor and the world here on this site. There's a list below.

Choose a salon relevant to your comment and interests.

Generally I moderate all of them, some more than others.

I'm always watching though, so you'd better behave!


There are:


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The Salons:


Below is a list of the Salons and their particular subject interests, also links to them.

Please read the posting rules at the Salons, this isn't regular internet here. I like adult politeness and I can be strict.

The salons take the format of blogs moderated by Lee Vidor, but actually they are open comment discussion. So think of them as salons in which you can address anyone or the subject under discussion by replying to any posting. Just like in a cafe.



Salon For Contemporary Literature - For literary writers.

Salon For Contemporary Literature.

Salon For Contemporary Art - For contemporary artists.

Salon For Contemporary Art.

Salon for Shakespeare-X Message - Informal expert discussion on the Shakespeare authorship question only.

Salon For Shakespeare-X Message

Lee Vidor Blog - My 1500 Years Of Fame - A salon for talking to Lee Vidor about her cartoon adventure.

My 1500 Years Of Fame






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