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Secrets... Shhhhh...!

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


On the comments board below you can leave an intimate love message for someone you secretly love who will never read it.

Put your own real first name on the comment and theirs also.

It's completely anonymous. No email address is required.

Or you can leave a sexy fantasy of what you'd secretly like to do with someone. Or have them do to you.. If only they knew!

No horrible crude artless stuff from insensitive beastly men please!

It would be wiser to quietly read and learn. Thank you.


Emergency Contact: Secrets



On The Comments Board Below..


Please note:

When your type your comment it will show in black inside the box and be hard to see if your screen is dark.

Simply click on the name or email address box, or highlight anything in the comment box, and your post will turn white and more visible.

When you submit the comment it will appear in a light font and be gorgeous and witty and perfectly easy to see.

It irritates me too, but it's the price of beauty.

Comments can take a few moments to show. Or even days if I am forced to moderate here due to ugly messages from beasts.

If it's a long message you should probably copy it with Ctl+C, ready to paste in the box again if something goes wrong. If it won't submit then it's because it's too long. Then just split it over 2 comments, Part 1 and Part 2.

Also I won't be emailing you a reply, so don't get excited. It just came with the comment box.



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