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Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.



Lee Vidor Trances Heavenly





Lee Vidor's News Commentary - WikiLeaks





Lee Vidor Sambas Madly





Lee Vidor Salsas Sublimely





Lee Vidor Flamencos Fabulously





Lee Vidor Shakespeare-X Press Conference Live From Easter Island





Lee Vidor Video Channels:


Lee Vidor Vimeo Video Channel

Lee Vidor Videos at a larger size than here.


Lee Vidor Youtube Channel

Lee Vidor Trances Heavenly is not on Youtube because they banned it there for excessive beauty and magic.

The Lee Vidor Press Conference from Easter Island is not properly displayed on Youtube either.

You can see them both on Vimeo. Everything looks and sounds better there than on Youtube.

Youtube have instigated so many unnecessary bans against the Lee Vidor Press Conference, that I am forced to discourage visitors to the Youtube Channel.

Everything can be seen on Vimeo instead, the way it was intended to be viewed.



Lee Vidor Signature


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