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Welcome to the Lee Vidor Store!

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


You can make purchases from Lee Vidor via PayPal without opening a PayPal account.

Just use your credit card / debit card normally, as you would at any other site.

PayPal will offer you the choice of purchase method.



Welcome to the Lee Vidor store!


As you can see I have nothing at all for sale.

But it’s at very reasonable prices.

Now that’s a postmodern business! That’s Meta As All Hell!

What am I selling? What are you buying? It’s so mysterious!

I know you love to shop so let me see what I have for you to buy...



Oh, I have the Shakespeare-X Message – you can buy that!

Just hit the big button below and $150M will come from your PayPal account and disappear into mine.

It’s worth it though. It's as unique as a thing can get.

Probably in a while I’ll have fantastic Lee Vidor things to sell you, also a really great designers and artists store too.

Designers and Artists Store.


Until then all I have are lots of ideas and concepts and good discussions in the salons. And some laughter too. You can have them for free though. As long as you value them.

Only a fool thinks something is worth nothing because it's free.


You can get my novels here right now, if you’re mad to spend money. Lee Vidor Novels

But they're so inexpensive you’ll just be in a worse frenzy to spend after getting a bargain like that.

So risk it if you dare, they are wonderful sexy funny serious dangerous books.

Well, I think so, and I would know.

Each book has around 300 pages or more, and almost all of the pages have words on them. Most of them are good words in clever order that come to mean stuff when you read them all together at once. It's like magic happening inside your head.


Shakespeare-X Clue Puzzle


Yes it's here. Well it might be here, or there really. Either way this is the link to click to find out. It'll be worth the clicking effort though, because that's a very nice page. Even if it has no puzzle. Which it now officially does!

Shakespeare-X Message Clue Puzzle

The Clue Puzzle is an opportunity to test your brilliance and reasoning skills against Lee Vidor's. And find out if you might have uncovered and deciphered the Shakespeare-X Message yourself.

You can win an exclusive clue to the dazzling Shakespeare-X Message, and a personal congratulatory email from Lee Vidor. Which will probably be irreverent and amusing.

It'll cost you $3 to try the puzzle, but it's fun and the Shakespeare-X Message is worth $150-$600 million. So $3 is a very reasonable price. I must be mad.

Did I mention that Lee Vidor is the only person in 400 years to solve the Shakespeare-X Message? I don't know about you, but that impresses me.



iPhone Puzzle

People ask what happened to the iphone puzzle.

It's not only on iPhone, it's on all phones now. It's right here in fact!

Shakespeare-X Message Clue Puzzle

It's not an application though, that was just way too much trouble.

You will be able to play it via the regular web on your phone though.

So try it and call me if it won't work. I'll send a technician out immediately to intercept you on the bus and get it working for you. No charge. Watch for a naked guy with wings. That's our service uniform.



Buy The Shakespeare-X Message Now At Today's Price of $150M!


Buy Now!


When you click this PayPal button $150 Million dollars will be automatically transferred from your PayPal account.

Into mine it will go, where it will be spent on decadent pleasures and luxurious stuff for wings.

All payments are non-refundable.

Purchase does not include Shakespeare-X Foundation Sponsorship rights. Or anything else.

Oh all right, purchase price includes a 10% discount on all future Lee Vidor merchandise under $10. Happy now?



Free Virtual T-Shirt!


Yes, you can look at these virtual T-Shirts completely free of charge!

But they are art works under my copyright, so if you print it on a real T- Shirt, I'm suing!

It's all right if you walk around holding it up on a laptop or ipad in front of you though.

As long as you smile at the people you pass by.


I kissed Lee Vidor TShirt


Global Warming Is Real


Stem Cells Shirt




Lee Vidor Trances Madly! - A Minor Motion Picture.


You can watch this video of me dancing flamenco on the beach in front of a wonderful Easter Island head.

Just stick some coins into your computer USB slot and your computer will become a magical jukebox.

Not too many coins!


Lee Vidor Trances Heavenly



On Vimeo With Sound and Good Quality





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