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The Rarest Work of Art In the World

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.



Rarest Art Work


Here is the rarest, most magical art object in the world.



How Rare?


Art works by Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt van Rijn number in the hundreds, most people have one or two.

Picasso frankly might have made a few less paintings.

There are scores of huge diamonds, and super luxury yachts.

There are more than a thousand billionaires in the world right now.

But there is only one message to the world from William Shakespeare.

And he will make no more of them.

The ultimate status item!

The ultimate art object.

The Shakespeare-X Message is the rarest work of art in the history of the world.


Unseen for 400 years.

Utterly unique.

Buy it and tell no-one the contents!

No-one ever.


You can be the only person in the world who knows with certainty who wrote the works of William Shakespeare.

Drive the whole world mad with curiosity!

If only it was yours..


Buy The Shakespeare-X Message Now At Today's Price of $150M!


Buy Now!


When you click this PayPal button $150 Million dollars will be automatically transferred from your PayPal account.

All payments are non-refundable.

Purchase does not include Shakespeare-X Foundation Sponsorship rights. Nor the use of Lee Vidor's gorgeous image.


How Much Art Can You Buy for $100 Million Nowadays?


Some Examples:


Recently a beautiful bronze Giacometti sculptural figure, L'Homme Qui Marche 1, sold at auction for $104.3M.

It was reputedly one of a series of 6 copies of the same work.




Also you can buy:

Warhol 200


A Warhol silkscreen run off by his drug-addled assistants in an afternoon, and approved for sale by Andy Warhol himself while dressing for a Manhattan cocktail party. One of many thousands of Warhol prints.

Price: $43.76 Million – you can get 2 of these.





A fine Picasso painting which was painted in 4 hours in order to insult his jealous lover. One of hundreds of similar insults.

Price:$92.5 Million.


Hirst Skull


A diamond encrusted human skull made by anonymous craftsmen for Damien Hirst and approved by him for sale. I'm not sure how many skulls there are kicking around, but it's more than a few, I suspect.

Price:$100 Million




And for $135M you can buy:

Klimt Mug


This painting by Gustav Klimt, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, from 1907.

It's a beautiful painting, the most expensive work of art ever sold. But the Shakespeare-X Message was already 300 years old on the day this portrait was painted.

Would Klimt have traded his painting for the only secret message in existence from William Shakespeare?

I'd say so.

And there are hundreds of Klimt's paintings around. He's a fine painter, but is he really Shakespeare?

Price $135 Million.



Or For Only $150M You Can Buy:

Rarest Art Work

The rarest art work in the world, lost for 400 years.

William Shakespeare's only conceptual work of art.

William Shakespeare's first new work of art for 400 years.

A timeless proof of the true identity of William Shakespeare, realized by Lee Vidor.

Lovingly crafted over a period of years by a beautiful angel in shades.

Is there really any comparison?

Buy the most exclusive object in the history of the world.

Made by an angel.

Lee Vidor Signature


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