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Shakespeare-X Sponsorship

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


This page was written in Summer 2010, long before the release of the Shakespeare-X Message. You've missed that opportunity now, but much of what is here still applies in regard to the Shakespeare-X Foundation and Lee Vidor, at least in concept.


Lee Vidor and The Shakespeare-X Foundation seek substantial corporate sponsorship for an important global media announcement of the Shakespeare-X Message, and the establishment and ongoing operation of The Shakespeare-X Foundation for literary writers and artists.

The form of the Shakespeare-X Message greatly lends itself to a visual and dramatic treatment.

It is also appropriate for a series of television broadcast shows or commercials, 6-8 in number, leading to a final dramatic revelation of the Shakespeare-X Message, The Lee Vidor Shakespeare-X Proof, and the final solution of the mystery after 400 years.

This astonishing revelation may be presented by Angel Lee Vidor personally.

Read more on the Shakespeare-X Message and the Shakespeare-X Foundation.

A calculation of the financial value of the Shakespeare-X Message.



Background on The Shakespeare-X Message


The Shakespeare-X Message is so visionary and brilliant in conception that there really is no doubt that the person who created it was a dazzling genius. Which is just as it should be.

The Shakespeare-X Message will astonish the world and be understood by the general public as the fundamental, defining message from the authentic William Shakespeare, deliberately intended to reveal everything to the world.

The Shakespeare-X Message is the Jewel of the Information Age.

The rarest and most valuable thing in the entire world.

Rarer than the Mona Lisa. Even more dazzling.

A secret 400 years old and of fascinating appeal to all people globally.

This is a once in human history opportunity to have your corporate name associated with William Shakespeare for all time.



Guaranteed Results

Sponsors will receive a full money back guarantee upon request;

1. If you are not satisfied with the Shakespeare-X Message when it is confidentially revealed to you.

2. If the Lee Vidor Shakespeare-X Proof is not accepted by mainstream University academics and taught as a standard part of the universal academic curriculum within 2-5 years.

3. If William Shakespeare's wonderful plays do not endure as masterpieces for at least another 1000 years.

Under any and all of these circumstances Lee Vidor guarantees a complete refund of your investment.

Yes, that's a 1000 year guarantee.


The William Shakespeare Sponsorship Advantage.



Extremely famous

Extremely intelligent





Personally dazzling, even after 400 years

Able to forcefully penetrate the minds of innocent schoolchildren

A lover of knowledge and information

A lover of stylish material goods

Securely deceased and image-flexible

Beyond embarrassing sexual scandals


Global brand

All demographic

Upmarket and populist both


The Shakespeare-X Foundation Sponsorship Advantage.



Wildly creative

Wildly imaginative

Wildly generous

Wildly adored

Just plain wild in a dull jaded world


Culturally important

Unique web content provider

A vortex of public attention

Media sophisticated

Fashionably meta

Global reach and brand

Spectacular marketing skills

Affiliated with sexy cartoon angel

The Lee Vidor Endorsement Advantage.






Super high performance






Some dazzling brilliance

Witty. She thinks. Huh.

Diverse wardrobe

No weight problems

No hair problems

Neat wings

Permanence of seductive beauty guaranteed

Owns extra body parts, including eyes

Perfect image control

Variable height

Unconstrained by laws of physical universe

Flies well

Superhuman acrobatic skills

Can take a mighty punch with barely a Boing!

Speaks Animated-American. Eeek!

No sexual secrets in past.

(Except that one time she was tricked into undressing and spied upon by Mr. M. Mouse and Mr. D. Duck. Whom she caught behaving like barnyard animals together anyway.)




Uniquely individualistic


Pleasantly pleasant







The Unique Result..


Shakespeare has been at the pinnacle of world culture for 400 years, and he will remain there forever.

Now your corporation can join forces with William Shakespeare, Angel Lee Vidor, and The Shakespeare-X Foundation.

A trio of dazzlingly imaginative performers.

A branding trio which is unsurpassed in the history of sponsorship opportunity.

There is only one Shakespeare-X Message. The rarest extant thing in the entire world, possibly even in the history of the world.

There will never be another corporate, state or identity branding opportunity like this available.

Make sure you have it on your team.


Lee Vidor Signature


A calculation of the financial value of the Shakespeare-X Message.


Just imagine if your broadcast commercials could look as effortlessly viral as this:


Lee Vidor Trances Heavenly



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Lee Vidor Trances Heavenly download for peeking at when the above does not function properly. (Small, 6 Mb):

Lee Vidor Trances Heavenly

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Lee Vidor Trances Heavenly


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