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Lee Vidor and The Shakespeare-X Message.

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


The Shakespeare-X Message is not a hoax.

It is a message sent to the world by the authentic writer of the works of William Shakespeare, the acclaimed dramatist and poet Christopher Marlowe, who until now was thought to have been murdered with a knife in a tavern brawl in Deptford, London in 1593.

Lee Vidor is the only person in history to have received this message to the world from Shakespeare.


The Complete Shakespeare-X Message Zone

The Shakespeare-X Message Revealed.


The Shakespeare-X Message:


The Shakespeare-X Message takes the form of a deliberately concealed statement of authorship which has gone undiscovered in the historical record for 400 years.

It is a definitive, unambiguous, categorical statement of identity from the authentic William Shakespeare explaining who wrote the literary works and the reason for the authorship imposture. The Shakespeare-X Message was created and concealed for this purpose, with the deliberate intent of eternally revealing the authorship imposture to the world.

The actor William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon did not write the literary works attributed to his name. They were written by the celebrated dramatist Christopher Marlowe, using the name William Shakespeare as his literary pseudonym, and the Stratford actor William Shakespeare to impersonate him in public life in London.

This was done for political reasons because Marlowe was under threat of execution by governmental religious factions. During the 30 years of the imposture Marlowe was generally thought dead, but was in fact banished from the country by Queen Elizabeth I into exile abroad.


The Shakespeare-X Message is dazzlingly brilliant in inspiration and vision, a new work of art from the mind of the authentic William Shakespeare.

It is everything a Shakespeare lover could wish for.

The Shakespeare-X Message carries an indisputable mathematical verifiability which moves it into the category of proof, rather than conjecture.

The Lee Vidor Shakespeare-X Proof is complete and conclusive, in itself, and requires no additional evidential confirmation.

It changes everything in Shakespearean scholarship.

Read more about it below on this page and follow the link to see it for the first time in history.

The Complete Shakespeare-X Message Zone

The Shakespeare-X Message Revealed.


Who is Lee Vidor?


I'm Lee Vidor and that's my photo there on the right.

I'm a writer, an artist and a cartoon angel.

I received the incredible Shakespeare-X Message, sent to the world in 1593 by the authentic writer of the literary works of William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, in order to inform the world for all time that he himself wrote the plays and poetry, and not the actor William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon, who was paid by Christopher Marlowe's theater company to impersonate the author in public.

Now I'm the only person to receive The Shakespeare-X Message in 416 years. Yikes.

Poor Christopher Marlowe. What an endless wait it must have been for him in heaven.

And it was a spectacular honor to receive the message.

Although perhaps I deserved it too. I work hard and I'm pleasant.

Either way, Shakespeare spoke to me personally!

Just imagine that.

It's been a very very long time since someone could legitimately say that without people rolling their eyes.



You're late in getting here. At least 11 months late. You missed all the real excitement. You can find out below what you missed and why.

I don't know what you were doing while I was waiting on you to show up here for the entire last year, with the Shakespeare-X Message all ready for you, but it wasn't as interesting as what you could have been doing here with me.

I got bored waiting for you and released the Shakespeare-X Message just to be free of it.

I've got other things to do than wait for the world to waken up.


So this is what's here now..



Lee Vidor Novels.


Lee Vidor is a literary novelist writing novels on the subject of artists and bohemians and the development of 20th Century Modernism. On how our contemporary world was created.

Also on the themes of love, sex, death, art and the bohemian milieus in which they inspired artistic greatness.

And how the 20th Century has been a Modernist Renaissance which is more important for the development of mankind than the Italian Renaissance of circa 1500.

Lee Vidor has written a whole fascinating cycle of irreverent and uninhibited novels on the subject.

It's called 20th Century Bohemians and Angels. You can read about it all here:

20th Century Bohemians and Angels


Lee Vidor isn't writing a book on Shakespeare or the Shakespeare-X Message.

So don't ask.

BTW, It'll be a witty book if ever I write it. It's pretty unusual and not uncomic getting a message from William Shakespeare. It's not an average day in your life. Not even when you're a cartoon angel.


You can see and read Lee Vidor's novels on the Lee Vidor Novels page.

Excerpts from a good number of them are available there.

Or you can buy them in the Bookstore here on this site, and also on Amazon.




The Shakespeare-X Message.


The vision and inspiration of the Shakespeare-X Message are breathtaking.

The message is everything a Shakespeare lover could wish for.

Consideration of the Shakespeare-X Message allows us to see the grandeur of Shakespeare's intellect in contemporary terms. Again Shakespeare is confirmed as a dazzling genius.


The Complete Shakespeare-X Message Zone

The Shakespeare-X Message Revealed.


The Shakespeare-X Message changes everything in Shakespearean scholarship forever.

It sends shock waves through the world of Literature.

And the entire universe of academic scholarship too.

That doesn't happen often.

Probably this message to the world from Shakespeare is the biggest cultural news story of the last 400 years.

Now even the beautiful Mona Lisa isn't quite as big as it looks..

A thousand years from now the Shakespeare-X Message will still be astonishing and unique.


You can find out absolutely everything about The Shakespeare-X Message in the Shakespeare-X Quarter.



Lee Vidor Art


Lee Vidor is an artist as well as a writer and you are inside a work of art right at this moment. So behave.

It's called the Lee Vidor Shakespeare-X Website Project.

You can read more on Lee Vidor's art here:

Lee Vidor Art Quarter


This quarter is for artists, collectors, gallerists and curators. Also the nosy.

Otherwise just click madly on the links on the right and you will have a fascinating adventure.



The Lee Vidor Shakespeare-X Website Project


This website was formerly a conceptual art project containing angel Lee Vidor, The Shakespeare-X Message, Lee Vidor's Modernist Renaissance Theory, the 20th Century Angels and Bohemians novel cycle, and a great many more remarkable things.

You can read what it was here, and exactly what happened to it :

Visit The Decaying Ruins of the Lee Vidor Shakespeare-X Website Project


The complete site was once 1500 pages in size. It still is really.

But it is now a beautiful ruin, slowly decaying into the internet jungle. Which is growing up around it to swallow it up in the mindless noise of the web.

Now you can explore it as if it is a lost city.

You can hunt for treasures. They are here.

And you can admire the ruins with regret and see what it was.

And why it was the first revolutionary work of art of the 21st Century.

How it is a lost art masterpiece.

And then you can look upon it with sorrow and regret.

That Lee Vidor is no longer here.

To talk to you in person and bring the wonderful gift of magic into your life.

At absolutely no charge!


Visit The Decaying Ruins of the Lee Vidor Shakespeare-X Website Project




Writers & Artists Community


This website is a literary writers and visual artists community, as you will see when you investigate it beyond the incredible staggering sensational announcement regarding the Shakespeare-X Message.

There are many Salons for discussion and comment on most aspects of contemporary literature and art. You can see them here: Salons

It is also the home of the Shakespeare-X Literary Foundation for literary writers.



The Shakespeare-X Literary Foundation


The Shakespeare-X Literary Foundation is a worldwide non-profit organization. Membership is free and by invitation only. Our interest is to support and launch important new literary careers. And to expand existing ones.

Our intention is to create a new publishing model which will financially benefit and culturally empower literary writers. Once established we will also begin to support visual artists.

Read more on the Shakespeare-X Foundation page.



Sponsorship Of The Shakespeare-X Literary Foundation


Lee Vidor invites substantial corporate sponsorship for the Shakespeare-X Foundation.

There's really nothing in corporate communications that you could do with your media investment which will produce a stronger publicity return, nor more long term public goodwill.

I'm not kidding. I'm an extreme expert in communications. I even have an engineered message from William Shakespeare to prove it.

Did your PR / media / advertising agency get a message from William Shakespeare?

I don't think so.

They were too busy making those incredibly expensive commercials featuring questionable celebrities. Which everybody has already forgotten.


A book endures for at least a hundred years when it is good. Two hundred when it is great.

Lee Vidor and the Shakespeare-X Message will endure for a thousand years. As long as Shakespeare lives.

People of influence read books. That's how they become the kind of people who have influence.

Reading only appears unpopular. In reality nothing is more enduringly influential than writing. Even the entire internet and world wide web are made of writing.

Helping to rescue the level of public debate and world culture is a pretty important undertaking. And also a highly rewarding one.

We need more balanced and insightful voices to be heard in the world once again. Desperately. That means the educated voices of our literary writers and artists.

And you really should have your corporate name attached to that public media debate..

Read all about corporate sponsorship here: Sponsorship Shakespeare-X Foundation.

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