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Support Messages From Writers To The Shakespeare-X Foundation


Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


These messages of support for the Shakespeare-X Foundation do not construe an endorsement for the authenticity of the controversial and mysterious Lee Vidor Shakespeare-X Message.

If Lee Vidor crashes and burns, sheís going down alone. I have a career to think of. Good luck Lee! Although everyone always enjoys a dramatic flame out too.

Support Messages

Hi Lee! Good luck with the Foundation! Itís a fantastic idea and the world needs it desperately. Also congrats on the Shakespeare-X Message! Do you have an extra message from Shakespeare you can send me? I really could use the inspiration. Do you really intend to give away the whole $150M to this Shakespeare-X Foundation? To total strangers just because they are talented and starving? There are other things you can buy with money you know, I saw a very nice car, it wasnít expensive and it was red. It would look very nice against white wings.

Your friend and admirer.

Lee Vidor


Dearest Mistress Vidor,

I was delighted and relieved to discover you have received my message of circa 1600. Itís been quite a wait here in heaven. I have no idea whatís been going on down there to cause the delay. Have there been wars? I hope not.

I see you have chosen the name Shakespeare-X for your honourable new Foundation, does this mean my name will replace the titular X? Or should I change my name to X perhaps? I am willing to pursue either course as the purpose suits. Itís so hard for a literary writer to get any attention at all.

As ever, your friend and colleague,



Dear Witch,

You are a witch and I curse you. Iíll have you hung and drawn and quartered and hung again then quartered again so that youíll be in 24ths, or something. Then Iíll kill you and curse you again.

Have you any idea how handsome I am? I am not an actor for no reason.

Good luck with the Foundation.

William Shakespeare.

Most Excellent Actor and Merchant of Wool.


Dear Lee,

I always thought youíd do well for yourself and now I see you finally have. Almost.

Even in Angel School you showed a good deal of promise, although many thought you a smartypants and too funny for her own good.

I never hated you for that though, even though you thought you were hot stuff and I heard you are not quite as good in bed as you imagine.

Good luck with the Foundation! It looks like a lot of work.

Your friend, Angel Lola.




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