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International Lawyers

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


Lee Vidor requires the services of a local legal representative in all countries of the world to protect her interests against unlicensed publication of her novels.

None of her novels are licensed for publication by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Please contact me here : Brilliant Just Lawyer, if you would like to represent me in your country.

If it is necessary to bring legal action against a local copyright infringer you will receive 25% of all monies recovered from the defendant.

You will receive no fees for my representation, even in the case of a prosecution, although you may represent yourself in public advertising as Lee Vidor's official legal representative in your country.

Your name will also appear on the list of international representatives below for the purposes of client confirmation.

Also you will be expected to invite me for a pleasant and exciting dinner when I visit your country in search of illegal publications.

Lee Vidor International Legal Representatives:

This list is not a complete listing of all representatives.

If any of these law firms is somehow of questionable reputation in your country, please contact me. Be prepared to substantiate your claims.

I am particularly concerned about lawyers involved in any way with human rights abuses and anti-democratic activity of any kind.

USA Representative: Mr. Barack Obama Esq, Washington DC.


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