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A Letter To Successful Writers.

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


Greetings Famous and successful writers!

We need you. Shakespeare-X does. This should be clear by now.

Get involved here with people who, like you, live for writing and who need your support. We can only break away from the traditional publishing industry if you help us to do it by lending your legitimacy.

None of us need traditional publishing any longer, and that includes you. What exactly are you buying from publishers for all that commission money? It's 90% they're taking!

So even if you are not ready to embark on a new marketing endeavor with your own work, at least put your name up on this site on the support page to show your support. Younger writers are depending on you and they are starving to death out there.

Shakespeare-X Support Page


Legitimized by your support we can begin to encourage such staid reviewers as the New York Times to read books published digitally. Apparently the New York Times book department does not yet consider the web important enough to bother about.

Somehow they care more about the paper than the writing it seems.

In Time...

In perhaps a year your next uncontracted novel can be for immediate sale here and on Amazon. We are not exclusive in any way.

Although we take no commission and Amazon take 30%.

We will publish in 10 days from manuscript to sales. In ten hours if you supply the book cover.

We will also supply, free of any charge, international media coverage and publicity. Extremely high quality publicity, including broadcast.

No more desperate bookstore signings. We will put you on the web to everyone in the world. Live even to talk to your readers. In video or in audio or in text only.

Even naked if that’s your dream.

This is not the old world any longer. We can modernize you, postmodernize you even. But only in the ways you request and desire.

We really don’t care if you sell a million books or only three. Our profit is the same. None.

It’s all your writing, it’s all your profit. We are only facilitators.

You don't need to pay for our Manhattan business lunches.

All book sales go directly to you via your own private PayPal account.

Your money doesn’t even pass through our hands.

We have our own money and our own books. We don’t need your money.

So think about joining us and the publishing revolution..


Shakespeare-X Support Page




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