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These are the Quarters of Lee Vidor.com. Yes there are 5 Quarters.

Don't say you don't get value for your money here.



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The 5 Quarters:


Shakespeare-X Message



  • Everything you need to know.
  • This page has some of the things you need to know about the Shakespeare-X Message.
  • You'll probably want to know more because it's a really fascinating enigma, and let's face it, you're a pretty curious person. And this is something pretty important to the world.
  • If you are interested in the Shakespeare-X Message, this is the page you need most.


  • The Authorship Question.
  • This is a overview of the Authorship Question as it existed until now, with the discovery of the Shakespeare-X Message.
  • It has pictures and bios of all the contenders for authorship. It's pretty brief too.


  • Shakespeare-X Debate
  • This page is a comment blog discussion moderated by Lee Vidor. It's an expert level discussion of the Shakespeare Authorship Question. If you're a fanatic on the subject or now becoming one, you belong here.
  • Also if you're an educated person who wants to know what's going on in the world.
  • And especially if you're a Professor in fear of your vanishing reputation and career.
  • World experts on the subject are here. All of them begging Lee Vidor for a scrap of inside information.
  • Some of them are making despicable offers of bribery.



There is more odd Shakespeare stuff around the site, use search below right to find it.


Lee Vidor Novels



  • All books
  • This is where to start finding out about Lee Vidor's provocative and quite important novels.
  • 20th Century Bohemians and Angels
  • This is the upcoming novel cycle about the 20th Century Modernist Renaissance.
  • It's about the lives and vision of the wonderful artists who made Modernism and the modern world..
  • The themes of the books in the cycle are love, sex, death, art.
  • All of the books are independent narratives about different characters. You can start reading the entire cycle with any book.
  • Novel Excerpts
  • Here you can read free excerpts from six Lee Vidor novels.
  • Purchase/Download Bookstore
  • Here you can both purchase and download Lee Vidor novels to read safe in bed where no-one will see you giggling and panting.
  • If you only purchase and don't download you'll be sorry, so make sure you do both.
  • There are three novels for sale now, and three more coming soon. Go see if they are already there, I can't be checking everything for you. You're getting lazy.



Writers & Artists Salon



  • Art & Lit Discussion Salons
  • These are the salons where you can chat and flirt and show off your fabulously imaginative mind to everyone. There are a number of salons and you can find more information on the subjects of each if you click the link.
  • Famous Writer Wave
  • This is a Google Wave to which a number of very famous writers have been invited to discuss the future of everything, including literature and publishing. I'm there too, provoking people. Cocktails will be served.
  • Famous Artist Wave
  • This is a Google Wave to which a number of famous visual artists are going to be invited, when I get round to it. They'll be discussing the past and future of the visual arts, and generally bitching about stuff and money.
  • Lee Vidor Blog
  • This is my blog called My 1500 Years Of Fame.
  • It's all about me and what is happening to me now that I'm so famous so suddenly.
  • OMG Oprah's on the phone!
  • And I'm only a little cartoon angel. Help!
  • The rarest artwork in the world
  • This page is about the art market and how the Shakespeare-X Message is the rarest thing in the entire world, including the Mona Lisa. Try and name something rarer. See?
  • Literary Foundation
  • This is for information on the Shakespeare-X Literary Foundation, our publishing activities and our
  • sponsorship situation.
  • Also the Sponsor Shakespeare-X Now! email campaign. It's for artists of all types to contact global corporations about Shakespeare-X, so that they know something important is happening. Now that sounds like fun!




Other Madness

Other Madness Quarter.

This Quarter has whatever I feel like putting up that doesn't belong elsewhere. Generally it's not serious, although sometimes it is. The serious stuff is in Serious Fun for Intellectuals. The mad weirdness is everywhere else.


  • Serious Fun
  • This is serious fun For Inttelectuels.
  • Yes intellectuals can have fun too, even though it doesn't look like it often. These are articles on serious issues. There are a lot of subjects, but all the articles are interesting. And of course the final word on each subject too. Click the link to see the list of subjects.
  • Generally the subjects match the interests of this site - literature/art/publishing/the future of mankind etc.


  • The Archive Of Culture
  • This is for people who love Music, Movies, Literature, Art.. and Cheese.
  • It's a moderately huge archive of the best of modernist world culture.
  • If you don't like any of these then perhaps you really should wonder what you're doing with your life..
  • Are flying balls really that fascinating? Perhaps not.
  • The Voting Page
  • Here you can vote on fantastically interesting and important questions. And see how everyone else voted too.
  • The questions are mainly rude and for smart ironic people.
  • Visitors From The World
  • Here you can see how many people from your country have visited LeeVidor.com. Then you'll know for sure you are the only one in your whole country with any imagination, and you can start being miserable and despairing of ever finding anyone who understands you. It's a page for drinkers.
  • Lee Vidor Misbehaves
  • This is where I misbehave. Although I haven't done any of that yet of course. But I can't wait to start!
  • Secrets
  • This page is a secret.
  • If you have a romantic/sexual secret you can add yours here and read other people's. If the page is here at all.
  • The rarest thing in the world.
  • This page is a comic version of the serious version of the same page. I think. It's hard to remember.
  • You don't think I'm reading all this stuff I'm writing on this website do you? There are 1500 pages!
  • Comments Page
  • Here you can make comments which are both polite and insightful. Then everyone will see how smart and lovable you are and your life will improve immeasurably.
  • Cocktail Lounge with Lee
  • I'm not sure what's here yet, but who can resist such a great page name?
  • Whatever it is, it will be pleasant and informal, so pour yourself a drink before you come over. You may be surprised..
  • Links
  • Here you can find out how to link to LeeVidor.com.
  • It's for artists and bohemians to link to, so if you're only selling people junk you probably can't link. So don't click it.
  • Lee Vidor Blog
  • This is my blog called My 1500 Years Of Fame.
  • It's all about me and what is happening to me now that I'm so famous so suddenly. Omg Oprah's on the phone!



Business & Sponsorship



Professional Business


  • Media and Press
  • This page is for media and the press.
  • If you are neither you shouldn't be nosing around here because Lee Vidor has photos of you naked, looted from your computer when you clicked this link, and there is no telling what she might do with them. She is not a predictable angel.


  • Sponsorship Shakespeare-X
  • This page is for information on corporate sponsorship of the global announcement of the Shakespeare-X Message.
  • Also information on Angel Lee Vidor as a much more exciting and credible spokesperson than Tiger Woods and three slutty cocktail waitresses.


  • Sponsorship Lit. Foundation
  • Lee Vidor and Shakespeare-X are seeking substantial corporate sponsorship. You can read about what a fantastic deal it is here. This especially means you Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon et al.


  • Literary Foundation
  • The Shakespeare-X Foundation hopes to create a new publishing model for the internet age.
  • The intention is to try to place literary writers once more at the center of our global cultures, where they are needed and where they have always resided. The world debate is sorely missing them.


  • Art Dealers, Collectors, Curators
  • This page has information about Lee Vidor's visual art works, exhibitions and art sales.
  • It's for art professionals who are interested in the business and magic of Lee Vidor.


  • Lawyers
  • Lee Vidor is arranging legal representation against copyright infringement in every country of the world.
  • If you would like to be her legal representative in your country, then look here. Enthusiasm is to be applauded, but you should really be a practicing lawyer.


  • Trademark & Copyright
  • This is a scary page warning you what will happen to you if you try to steal any of Lee Vidor's beautiful work on this site. That includes her gorgeous image too. Criminals should look here.


Public Business


  • Purchase Novels
  • You can buy and download Lee Vidor's wonderful novels here. OMG how great is that!
  • The rarest thing in the world.
  • This page has some remarks on the Shakespeare-X Message comparing it to the Mona Lisa for rarity. Name something rarer than The Shakespeare-X Message. See? It's the only one in 400 years. You've seen the Mona Lisa haven't you? It's not that rare really.
  • This page is also fascinating on the subject of the global art market.
  • It has the web's finest PayPal button on it too.


  • Shakespeare-X Clue Puzzle
  • iphone-X Clue Puzzle
  • These two pages may or may not exist. Who knows. Click and see.
  • They are an opportunity to test your fabulous reasoning skills against Lee Vidor's and find out if you might have deciphered the Shakespeare-X Message yourself.
  • If the puzzle is there, you can win a personal email from Lee Vidor and a special secret clue to the Shakespeare-X Message. If it's not there then you can't.
  • If it's there it might cost you $3. And it might not. But probably it's too hard a puzzle for you anyway.
  • If you think you might be a smartypants like Lee Vidor then just click the link. And no cheating!
  • Did I mention that Lee Vidor is the only person in 400 years to solve the Shakespeare-X Message? I don't know about you, but that impresses me.


  • Store
  • This is the finest store on the entire web. You won't even need to bring money when you shop here.



    Alright go and hunt around for magic now!


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