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Welcome to the Writers & Artists Quarter!

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


It's intended that this site be a community gathering site for professional writers and visual artists.

This is beyond its function as a Lee Vidor Project artwork, and the home of the Shakespeare-X Foundation and all related Shakespeare-X Message hoopla.

To this end I have included a number of discussion blogs, which will operate as salons and cafe tables, at which I hope you will feel comfortable discussing issues relating to art and literature and the making of each in all aspects.

You can read more about this below.


There are also a number of articles - both serious and mad - especially of interest to arts people.

Arts Articles


Pages In This Quarter


Everything in this quarter is about issues relating to writers and artists and the Shakespeare-X Foundation. Oh and also how clueless and irritating the bourgeoisie are. I speet on them.

Actually it seems me that there isn't really any bourgeoisie any longer, so maybe I should write a page about who we should speet on now instead. Or just one celebrating the extinction of the bourgeoisie. Good riddance!

We won't miss you with all your shocked indignation and your hypocrisy.

Now that I think about it, there's quite a lot of that still about..

I wonder if the bourgeoisie are still around, but now secretly camouflaging themselves under another name?.. Omg. That would be just like them. Those sneaky sneaky people. Tea drinkers I bet..

Anyway, these pages are for artists and bohemians and all those who adore aesthetic thrills.

Well, I made that up about the aesthetic thrills, but it's a good idea for when I have time to get around to it.

Right now I'm a little busy battling over the Shakespeare-X Message with every academic and literary critic in the history of the world. That's a lot of professors professing.

And that is a lot of critics. Especially since few of them have a sense of humor.

Boy do those profs take themselves seriously.



Here are the pages you can enjoy right now.

Don't be afraid to enliven and provoke on the salon boards! We know you're a secret undiscovered genius.

Show it there and someone will probably go to your website and buy you. You little whore.



Writers & Artists Salon Pages:


  • Art & Lit Discussion Salons
  • Bohemia In Your Living Room!
  • These are the salons where you can chat and flirt and show off your fabulously imaginative mind to everyone. There are a number of salons and you can find more information on the subjects under discussion if you click the link above.


  • Articles especially of interest to arts people.
  • Articles both serious and mad.
  • Madness articles are generally comic, or just plain blossoming with madness.
  • Serious articles are even more interesting than they sound. Everyone enjoys a good provocation.
  • These articles cover writing, the art market, art and ownership, copyright fraud, publishing industry, literary criticism, the creative personality, genius grants, Art, art v entertainment, modernism v postmodernism, the Modernist Renaissance, Other Stuff. They're not as boring as they sound. Go see.


  • Sponsor Shakespeare-X Now! Campaign
  • Here you can send a pleasant witty email to a number of gigantic global corporations, telling them to sponsor Shakespeare-X and the Shakespeare-X Message, so that you can hear what's in it and they can be heroic.
  • Otherwise they'll never know that something important is going on. They're busy counting money.
  • With one click you can reach them all at once and waken them up. That sounds like fun!


  • Kultur Archive
  • This is an archive of critical acclaim in the Arts. For people who like that.
  • The archive covers Literature, Art, Music, Cinema. And Cheeses too.
  • It's for entertainment value, unless you are young. In which case it's for life value.


  • Famous Writer Wave
  • This is a Google Wave to which a number of world famous writers have been invited to discuss the future of everything, including literature and publishing. I'm there too, provoking people. Cocktails will be served.
  • Famous Artist Wave
  • This is a Google Wave to which a number of world famous visual artists are going to be invited, when I get round to it. They'll be discussing the past and future of the visual arts, and generally bitching about stuff and money.
  • Lee Vidor Blog
  • This is my blog called My 1500 Years Of Fame.
  • It's all about me and what is happening to me now that I'm so famous as an artist so suddenly.
  • The rarest artwork in the world
  • This page is about the art market and how the Shakespeare-X Message is the rarest thing in the entire world, including the Mona Lisa. Try and name something rarer. See?
  • Literary Foundation
  • This is about the Shakespeare-X Literary Foundation, why it needs corporate sponsorship and why you shouldn't send me your fantastic manuscripts until I ask for them. Also why it's not for amateur writers.
  • It's also about the Shakespeare-X Foundation web, email, twitter and facebook etc campaign for corporate sponsorship. Which you should join and support immediately.
  • Designers and Artists Store
  • It's quiet there now but if you're a designer or an artist you should definitely take a look and keep your eye on it in the future. There might be money there for you.

  • Support Messages
  • These are support messages for Lee Vidor and the Shakespeare-X Literary Foundation from very famous writers and artists. Including rock and movie stars who read.
  • Here you will find brief, witty, well-wishing messages from every serious, famous, decent, self-respecting writer and creative artist on planet Earth. I hope.


  • Volunteers for Shakespeare-X Foundation
  • Here you can volunteer to help make the Shakespeare-X / LeeVidor.com website the best place on the internet for artists/writers/bohemians/visionaries.
  • It already is of course, but adding your brilliance will probably make it better.




Arts Salons


  • Salon for Other Stuff
  • World, politics, news, gossip, sex etc - for when art is dull. Sometimes you just want to get drunk and flirt. For writers & artists both.



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