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Welcome to the Other Madness Quarter!

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


' Meta As All Hell' is the motto of Lee Vidor.com, and you would be wise to bear it in mind when wandering around through the pages of this site.

And never more than when here in the Other Madness Quarter, where anything might happen. And hopefully will.

Omg is that a big scary animal with teeth creeping up behind you! Lookout!

What a thrill!

There may be some sexy alluring dark alleys in this Quarter, so don't say you weren't warned and then come sniffling up to me with your idealism shattered.

Probably your idealism needs it anyway, if it's that brittle.

I'm not a dangerous sexy angel in shades for no reason.



Pages In This Quarter


There are a lot of pages in this Quarter, some of them are just plain weird.

I don't think I'm going to list them all, but generally they divide into Fun Pages and Serious Fun Pages.

The Serious Fun Pages are more serious. But also fun.

If you are in a more intellectual mood then you can start by clicking Serious Fun below and then wander through the Next Page links from there. If I've made that path.

Serious fun is serious though. So be warned.



Serious Fun Pages


  • Serious Fun

  • This is Serious Fun For Inttelectuels.
  • Yes intellectuals can have fun too, even though it doesn't look like it often. These are articles on serious issues. There are a lot of subjects, but all the articles are interesting. And of course the final word on each subject too. Click the Serious Fun link above to see the list of subjects.
  • Generally the subjects match the interests of this site - literature/art/publishing/the future of mankind etc.



Not Serious Fun Pages but Fun Pages


There are lots of pages here in Fun Pages. Soon as I write them at least.

Below you can make a circular journey through the Next Page links. When you get back here you'll know you've seen all the pages there are at the moment.

Well, there are some pages hidden and linked from elsewhere, but those are the really dangerous ones..

Or here instead is a selection of major jumps you can make. They're all on the circuit below except for the Archive Of Culture.


  • The Archive Of Culture
  • This is for people who love Music, Movies, Literature, Art.. and Cheese.
  • It's a moderately huge archive of the best of modernist world culture.
  • If you don't like any of these then perhaps you really should wonder what you're doing with your life..
  • Are flying balls really that fascinating? Perhaps not.
  • The Voting Page
  • Here you can vote on fantastically interesting and important questions. And see how everyone else voted too.
  • The questions are mainly rude and for smart ironic people.
  • Visitors From The World
  • Here you can see how many people from your country have visited LeeVidor.com. Then you'll know for sure you are the only one in your whole country with any imagination, and you can start being miserable and despairing of ever finding anyone who understands you. It's a page for drinkers.
  • Lee Vidor Misbehaves
  • This is where I misbehave. Although I haven't done any of that yet of course. But I can't wait to start!
  • Secrets
  • This page is a secret.
  • If you have a romantic/sexual secret you can add yours here and read other people's. If the page is here at all.
  • The rarest thing in the world.
  • This page is a comic version of the serious version of the same page. I think. It's hard to remember.
  • You don't think I'm reading all this stuff I'm writing on this website do you? There are 1500 pages!
  • Comments Page
  • Here you can make comments which are both polite and insightful. Then everyone will see how smart and lovable you are and your life will improve immeasurably.
  • Cocktail Lounge with Lee
  • I'm not sure what's here yet, but who can resist such a great page name?
  • Whatever it is, it will be pleasant and informal, so pour yourself a drink before you come over. You may be surprised..
  • Sponsor Shakespeare-X Now! Campaign
  • Here you can send a pleasant witty email to a number of gigantic global corporations, telling them to sponsor Shakespeare-X and the Shakespeare-X Message Now!, so that you can hear what's in it and they can be heroic.
  • Otherwise they'll never know that something important is going on. They're busy counting money.
  • With one click you can reach them all at once and waken them up. That sounds like fun!




Some Pages Of Other Madness - Take A Spin:


These form a Next Page circuit leading back to here.

Yes Lee, I'd like to take a spin through the Other Madness Pages in a circuit leading somewhere. Probably back here.

Take me, I'm yours! It's a dull evening where I am anyhow.



Some Pages By Content


You can join the circuit anywhere by clicking on a page link below.

Wise people will take the spin by starting at the beginning above though, and not be difficult.

It's a much nicer trip when you allow the author to lead you. She may have her reasons..


Voting Page / Genders / Global Warming / Hackers / Hitler Page / Hoax / Inspiring Man / International Thuperstar / Last Page / Lee Autograph / Lee In Space / Lee Personality / Lee Press Report / Lee Vidor Introduction / Lee Vidor Naked / MacArthur Grant / Name The Decade / News Commentary / Publishing Ebook Costs / Pynchon Lunch / Quarter Other Madness / Quote / Rarest Art Work / Reading On Computer Screens / Real Women / Registration / Republican Essays /Science Of Porn / Secrets / Shakespeare-X Bidding / Support / Tag Clouds / The Singing Page / Visitors From The World / Web Art / Weird Photos / Weird Stuff / World Map / Writers Manuscripts / Banking Bonuses / Book Club / Cocktail Lounge / Comments Page / Creationists / Favorite Web Sites / Frog Levitation.



Other Things Outside The Fun Pages Circuits:


  • Links
  • Here you can find out how to link to LeeVidor.com.
  • It's for artists and bohemians to link to, so if you're only selling people junk you probably can't link. So don't click it.
  • Report Tech Problems
  • If you find technical trouble on the site you can report it here. But don't be bitching about it. Be friendly and tell me the solution. Then I may do it. I'm an artist you know, not a tech wiz.
  • Volunteer Skills
  • You can volunteer your magnificent skills here. We need smart people to help built a fantastic community site. Don't be shy.
  • Lee Vidor Blog
  • This is my blog called My 1500 Years Of Fame.
  • It's written by me and it's all about me and what is happening to me now that I'm so famous so suddenly.
  • Omg Oprah's on the phone!
  • And I'm only a little cartoon angel. Help!



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