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A Message To Computer Hackers

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


Hello computer hackers!

How are you today?

I'm glad to hear it, I'm very well too.

Now, about this business of hacking into my computer and stealing the Shakespeare-X Message and selling it to someone who pays you a fortune for it.

And then goes to jail for theft and pays me a fortune in a lawsuit.


It's not really a very good idea, because it's going to be a lot of work and trouble and what you will eventually discover is that the Shakespeare-X Message is not stored in the only computer we have connected into the internet.

That's this computer with this website on it.

And nothing else in it.

Which someone keeps for me at a place I am not. In a country I am not.

Wearing clothes I certainly would never wear.

It's not a convenient system really, but it is secure.


So, you can just click around the website and see all you're going to see without having to take the trouble of hacking in at all.

There aren't any unpublished web pages on this computer. And we never, ever type on it.

That's how good you are. We're so terrified of you we got right off the internet completely and hid under our beds.


You can try playing the Shakespeare-X Clue game, if it's running. I know you're really smart.

That's the only extra piece of information that's around.

Although it's not around for hacking either.



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