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Google Wave For Famous Writers

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


Writers Wave


The Famous Writers' Wave is at the bottom of this page below.

To join this wave discussion:

To be invited to join the debate (ie: to be able to post live and unedited on the Google Wave), simply send me an email request. I will reply via your agent.

Famous Writers


Here below is a list of authors to whom invitations are being extended. It is by no means exhaustive.

If you are publishing literary works at all, I'd be pleased to hear from you. Even if I've missed your name on this list. I always apologize most gracefully, so don't hesitate to say hello. And don't be offended. I'm too busy fighting academics to make an exhaustive list of people I'd love to see here. It probably includes you.


The intention of this wave is to open an interesting and lively debate, loosely on the subject of the implications for our literary culture of a sudden change in Shakespeare’s identity. Also to explore the current/future direction of literature and the literary novel. And of literary publishing too.

And really, of anything else anybody feels like discussing.

It's an open debate and writing is a lonely art. We can bitch about anything we want.



You can be located anywhere in the world and join in this wave. Also you can be less famous than the people on this following list.


British writers are especially welcome; McEwan, Amis, Rushdie, Hornby, Howard Jacobson, Irvine Welsh etc etc. Clive James too. And others unnamed here. Just speak up. Hitchens. Women too! Especially. Zadie Smith!

Milan Kundera would be extremely welcome. You can post in French if you must. No Czech please!

Michel Houellebecq – as long as you behave Michel. No talk of fucking. Alright, some. But politely.

Cormac McCarthy, Phillip Roth, Woody Allen, Delillo, Franzen, etc etc. Joan Didion, Amy Bloom.. Lots more women! Younger writers also! You know who you are. Nicole Krauss.

JD Salinger... You are welcome, any way you wish to appear. Oh dang! Too late now.

David Foster Wallace - we miss you.

Bono - sorry we can only access people with 2 names.

Bob Dylan. We can make an exception for people with 4 names.

Other writers - apologies that I missed your name from this quick list, you’re still welcome, just email me. I read everyone’s books (and I'm sure I loved yours!), but I’m too busy to make a comprehensive list here. We’re looking for a witty debate on a pretty important subject, so suit up.

To be invited to join this conversation just send me an email request. Famous Writers

I'll send you a wave password via your agent.


At Last - The Darn Wave!


Everything appearing in this wave is copyright Lee Vidor and the author of the messages appearing here. It may not be published or reproduced without permission.

What you read here is casual conversation and debate between friends, often drunken. It is not a definitive statement of position on anything. Think of it most of all as an amusing provocation.

To be invited to join this conversation send me an email request. Famous Writers

As you can see it’s quiet here at the moment, I’m the only one on the board so far. Fortunately I’m winning the debate though.

If your iframe doesn't work then the actual Wave is here: Writers Wave




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