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Salon For Shakespeare-X Message


Writers & Artists Community


It's intended that this site be a community gathering site for professional writers and visual artists. This is beyond its function as a Lee Vidor artwork and the home of the Shakespeare-X Foundation and all related Shakespeare-X Message hoopla.

To this end I have included a number of discussion blogs, which will operate as salons and cafe tables, at which I hope you will feel comfortable discussing issues relating to art and literature and the creation of each in all aspects.

Also you can discuss other stuff in the Other Stuff Salon. Flirting and dating is allowed there. In fact it's encouraged. What kind of a Salon would it be without?


I intend to moderate and comment in these Salons in an attempt to keep them interesting and lively, please give them a chance to establish themselves as interesting before abandoning them as irrelevant. You cynical jaded bastards.

I don' t have much to say about the Salons except that they can only be what we make them. And that means you also.

If you're sitting there bitching about the lack of inspiring talk in your life, then you're a damn fool. Because I'm here and I'll talk to you. Pick a subject. Then be imaginative and fascinating.

Below is a list of the Salons and their particular subject interests, also links to them.


The Two Google Waves are each for famous, successful, superstar artists and writers respectively, and are by invitation only.

These waves allow real time posting between 8 or 10 people at a time. This will allow actual live conversation and debate between important artists located all over the world, in their pajamas.

Every artist and writer in the world can read what people have to say on the subjects under discussion in the waves, and make suggestions for subjects that should be discussed.

I'll be moderating the waves to tweak everyone and keep them on their toes. I'm hopeful that we can finally decide what a literary novel is, and what to do about burying Marcel Duchamp.

You can see a list of invited guests on the Wave pages. It's a beautiful list. The intention is to attempt to make a long term ongoing discussion community. Everyone enjoys chatting in pajamas with a cocktail and some nice friends.

Depending on how things proceed, I may open a third Google Wave which will be public and available to all for real time posting.


Google Waves


These Waves allow real time posting between 8 or 10 people at a time. This will allow actual live conversation, debate and drunken banter. I hope.


Wave 1 - Literary Wave - for literary writers. Writers Wave.

Wave 2 - Visual Arts Wave - for contemporary visual artists. Artists Wave.

Wave 3 - Public Wave for all artists and writers. Probably not open yet. Try it and see! Public Wave.



The Salons:


Below is a list of the Salons and their particular subject interests, also links to them.

Please read the posting rules at the Salons, if I make them. Be aware this isn't regular internet here, I like adult conversation and politeness.

Although a witty bitch remark is always welcome too..


All the salons take the format of blogs moderated by Lee Vidor, but actually they are open comment discussion. So think of them as salons in which you can address anyone or the subject under discussion by replying to any posting. Just like in a cafe.




Salon For Contemporary Literature - For literary writers.

A discussion for literary writers. Beginning with the current direction of the novel and the future of publishing. Probably.

Salon For Contemporary Literature.


Salon For Contemporary Art - For contemporary artists.

A discussion for contemporary artists. The state of the Art and where it's going in the future. Maybe.

Salon For Contemporary Art.


Salon For Other Stuff - For writers, artists and bohemians.

World, politics, news, gossip, sex etc - for when art is dull. Sometimes you just want to get drunk and flirt. For writers & artists both. Discuss anything except art and writing here.

Other Stuff Salon.


Salon for Shakespeare-X Message

Informal discussion on the Shakespeare authorship question only. Generally at a meta level rather than a historical- biographical level. What the Shakespeare-X Message might mean to the world of literature / culture / arts criticism / academic culture theory etc. Also meta discussion of Lee Vidor as a possible wicked cartoon hoaxer.

Salon For Shakespeare-X Message


Lee Vidor Blog - My 1500 Years Of Fame

A general public salon for talking to Lee Vidor about her fabulous cartoon adventure.

My 1500 Years Of Fame


Wiki for Shakespeare-X Message

This is an actual wiki for expert academic discussion on the Shakespeare authorship question only.

Shakespeare-X Message Wiki




Now I've actually created them, the Salons are covering a wider range of discussion than described above, although still within the same domains.

Go see. There are some interesting and provocative conversations to comment on.

Post something brilliant and devastating.


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