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Here your opinion matters!

Well it doesn't really. But it makes the numbers on my voting thingy go up and down and everyone enjoys watching that.

So don't be saying nobody ever cares or listens to what you say.

Instead go down this page and click a vote on the important questions below.

Good votes will win a prize.

Well they won't really. But they'll make the voting thingy go in a direction that pleases Lee Vidor.

And that's always nice.


There is another Voting Page here for voting on the features you like best on LeeVidor.com:

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Vote Now!

Well not now, read the questions first. Silly.


Then click to vote and watch the exciting Vote-O-Meter as it vote-o-metes.





Yes, these are the actual questions on which to vote. Well not here, right below here. Omg who would have thought democracy was so hard to organize. No wonder there's so little of it.



Actual Questions. Right Here!


I think that...










You can vote for more than one choice on the questions below which have square selection buttons rather than round ones. Think of the decision making angst that'll save. We're so postmodern here!






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