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Shakespeare-X Message Salon & Wiki

It's easier to be a historian than a prophet.


Shakespeare-X Message Wiki - For academic debate. Historical-biographical discussion.


Shakespeare-X Salon - For informal discussion and comment. A meta level discussion of the effects of the Shakespeare-X Message on the broad world of culture / arts criticism /arts scholarship etc. Also on Lee Vidor.


The Shakespeare-X Message Salon.


This salon is a blog for informal discussion on a meta level regarding the Shakespeare-X Message and the authorship question. Also on Lee Vidor. See the iframe below for more information.

I moderate here occasionally and read frequently. I’ll try to comment, but unfortunately I can’t answer any direct questions as yet, for obvious reasons.

All readers please flag anything which seems inappropriate and unsuited to the tone of the debate. And always anything which appears to be spam.

Please vote on the questions raised. If the voting system is working..

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Salon Posting Rules:


No trolling whatsoever.

Be lively! Speak freely! People are watching.

This is not a place for factional lobbying. Although it is a place for for factional discussion.

No website links may be posted for advertising purposes. That’s an immediate ban from the entire website. If you put up a link make sure it is highly justified and will stand up to examination.

No “Me too”, “Well said”, comments please. We need the space. Add to the debate or demure.

Anyone who says I’m ugly will be banned.

You certainly can say I’m wrong though.

Or that it’s impossible that something such as the Shakespeare-X Message could possibly exist.

Or that it’s all a cruel and devious hoax, if that’s your conclusion.

But try to remember that worldwide reputations are at stake.

Before you go commenting, here’s my favorite quote on academic politics and debate to cheer you.

‘It’s always vicious because the stakes are so low.’

But not this time it seems..


Visiting the Salon:

If this iframe below doesn't work then (right) click inside it on the title Lee Vidor Moderates in order to go there. Come back here afterwards though, I'm not there, I'm here. Wordpress are just stealing my page views.

The iframe has sliders bottom and side.

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