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Serious Fun For Inttelectuels!

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


Yes! Intellectuals can have fun too!

Even though they like to seem emotionless while doing it, they are still enjoying life.

They dance quietly in their minds.

Even though they might look horrible on a dance floor, they look great inside their heads when thinking.

Then they're not stiff and self-conscious at all.

I especially like to strip the women naked and make them sigh and quiver like sexed up little rabbits! Omg!

I'm quivering myself now at the thought of it.

Omg - did I type all that out loud?..




This Serious Fun section is for them. And especially those fabulous bright women intellectuals.

What's here?

Stuff that doesn't belong anywhere else. Stuff that interests me. Stuff I want to discuss and bitch about.


Below there's a list of the pages in the Serious Fun Section.

If you're interested in the subject you'll probably like them. If you're not then perhaps you should be.

There's important stuff going on in the world right at this moment you know. Take a look around you.

But if you feel dull and giggly, then just go to the Other Madness Central page to find the wackier stuff.




Serious Fun!


These are editorials, or a newspaper or magazine article I particularly enjoyed and wanted to reprint here for smart people to read. All of them probably contain an aspect of an important issue which isn't well enough known, or which lies at the heart of a confused issue. Which is most important issues nowadays, when the web spreads disinformation so beautifully. They're not called viruses without reason.

Soon there will be a website for people who are quite certain the moon is made of cheese. Perhaps I'll start it myself: Mouse Astronaut Strikes Gold! Mouse Heaven Discovered In Space!

Otherwise the article may just say something complimentary about Lee Vidor, and I wanted to see it reprinted again. That's only human.

So read and see, it won't be boring probably. Then after you read it:

  • If you wish to complain about the article go here: I'm outraged!
  • If you wish to compliment Lee Vidor on the article go here: I'm inraged!



Take A Spin


The articles below form a circuit of pages leading back to here.

Yes Lee, I'd like to take a spin through the Serious Fun articles in a circuit leading back here.

Take me, I'm yours! It's a dull evening where I am anyhow.



The Articles By Subject



The Obesity Epidemic - A new theory. Newish.

Gene Patents - Someone owns my foot.

Banking Bonuses - How low can they go?.

How The Iraqi War Was Lost - We always knew it.

Global Warming - Is realer than you are.

Stem Cells - The greatest thing that ever will be.

Scientific Disinformation - How the moon came to be made of cheese.

Generation Google - Is the internet making us stupid or only different?

Genetically Engineered Foods - Should we welcome the six foot tall chicken?

The Happiness Index - Isn't it time for some?

British Anti-Semitism - A closet skeleton story.

Euro Bureaucrats - Terrorist strike on Europe by men in suits!

Europe Ignores Keynes - Governments outgenius Keynes.

Conscious Machines - Written by one

Creationist Egg Shock - Darwin fights back.

Google Book Project - Books at $8 a copyright.

G Spot Solved - It was a mystery to some.

Eyewitness Accounts - A record of unspeakable horrors

Islamic Stoning - Negotiating a future with rock throwers.

Third World Olympics - A television extravaganza of disgrace.

Adolf Hitler Page - Not a tribute.

Maurice Merleau-Ponty - A forgotten genius.

Wittgenstein - Why nobody understands him.





Future Articles By Subject


I'm too busy writing them to spend time listing them all here. All of them are on fascinating and important subjects. Come back and check in a while. Generally they will be more partisan than the existing articles. I'm sharpening my claws.






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