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Welcome to the Secret Pages!

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message .


These are the secret hidden pages of Lee Vidor.com - and you've found them!

What fantastic luck!

There is no other way to find these pages other than the way you just arrived.

I am just that sneaky.

The bad news is that there are no secret pages here yet..

I've been very busy and I haven't decided which secrets to tell you here yet..

But I shall!






I suppose what you really want to know is exactly what is in the Shakespeare-X Message..

Oh it's a marvelous message!

No wonder Shakespeare is a genius if he can write messages like that!

He is so smart that I'd have his child if he asked me. Well, if he sang and wrote me a nice poem too.

And bringing flowers or chocolates is always nice as well..




Back to the Shakespeare-X Message.

If I tell you will you promise to tell no-one else?

I mean everyone in the whole world is dying to know what's in it!

That's why it's worth about $500 million dollars. And that's a conservative estimate!

Alright I'll tell you, but if you tell anyone, I'll be really mad..

What it is, is..


Look at the time!

I have to go and get my lips plumped!

We can't do this now, it took me forever to get the darn appointment.

Wait here, I'll be back in an hour or so.

And I'll have fantastic lips then too!

Kiss Kiss Kiss!!




Here Are The Secret Pages!


If they're here yet..


All right, I'm back and my lips turned out so fantastic and plump and kissy, that I'll tell you one secret..

Somewhere on this website the Shakespeare-X Message is hidden..

Now that's a good secret!

Tell no-one! We'll all get hurt in the stampede!



Another Secret!


There is a secret excerpt from a new novel hidden here: French Moderns.

It isn't mentioned anywhere else on the site and this is the only link to it.

It won't be published for a while though!

And now the link is removed..



















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