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And We Will Be FormlessAnd We Will Be FormlessUnder Total EclipseAnd We Will Be FormlessLove Is A Simple ThingAnd We Will Be Formless20th Century Angels & Bohemians



This Quarter is all about my lovely novels and generally about what a fantastic writer I am and how I would never bore you. Honest.

They made me say that!

In general in this Quarter you can read about the three complete novels by Lee Vidor available for purchase and download right now on this site. You can also read about the upcoming 20th Century Bohemians and Angels novel cycle and read excerpts from it. It's really not boring.

All the books of the 20th Century Bohemians and Angels novel cycle are complete and independent stories. You can start the cycle anywhere, it's not an ongoing story. All of the books have different characters and each book is a complete story in itself.

You can read excerpts from six Lee Vidor novels in all. Three of them are not for sale yet.



Pages In This Quarter


  • All books
  • This is where to start finding out about Lee Vidor's provocative and quite important novels.


  • 20th Century Bohemians and Angels
  • This is the upcoming novel cycle about the 20th Century Modernist Renaissance.
  • It's about the lives and vision of the wonderful artists who made Modernism and the modern world..
  • The themes of the books in the cycle are love, sex, death, art.
  • All the novels are complete and independent narratives.


  • Novel Excerpts
  • Here you can read free excerpts from six Lee Vidor novels.
  • Excerpts are also available for reading on cellphones. So watch for that. And don't miss your stop on the train.


  • Purchase/Download Bookstore
  • Here you can both purchase and download Lee Vidor novels to read safe in bed where no-one will see you giggling and panting.
  • If you only purchase and don't download you'll be sorry, so make sure you do both.
  • There are three novels for sale now, and three more coming soon. Go see if they are already there, I can't be checking everything for you. You're getting lazy.
  • This link also has everything you need to know about purchasing from this site and how we never cheat you, even though it would be easy to do.
  • There is a special price deal if you buy 2 novels in one purchase. Watch for it on the Bookstore page.


  • The 20th Century Modernist Renaissance
  • This is a page about the Modernist Renaissance and why I define it as such.
  • Also why it's important and fascinating enough for me to write the longest book in the English language about it. The subject never bored me for a second. And I'm easily bored.



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