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A Note To The MacArthur Fellows Program Committee.

It's easier to be a historian than a prophet.


MacArthur Fellowship


For God's sake nominate me before I get evicted from my apartment!


Hi There!

Remember me?

What’s the darn holdup?


I’m too poor to even afford a human body.

But I'm still geniusing away here madly.

What’s wrong?

We don’t have any mutual friends on your ‘anonymous committee?’


You’re giving out 30-40 of these grants to geniuses each year.

That’s over 800 people so far who are so dazzling?

How many of them have wings?

Not that many.


You do remember I interpreted a message to the world from the authentic William Shakespeare?

I'm the only person in 400 years who could do it.

Don't you think there just may be a reason for that?

Einstein, Freud, Goethe and Dickens couldn't even grasp it. And they were real geniuses.


It changed world history you know. Just in case you don't..

So what exactly does a cartoon angel have to do to get your attention?

I’m not bitter.

Only disappointed.

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Iconoclastic Angel.


This is what I'll look like on your extremely long list of the 800 geniuses who have already received your award:


MacArthur Fellowship Grant Award Winners 2011




Cartoon Angel.

Discoverer of Shakespeare-X Message.

Synthesist of Shakespeare-X Proof.

Originator and Deconstructor of The 20th Century Modernist Renaissance Theory.

Creator of Shakespeare-X Foundation for Literary Writers.

Creator of LeeVidor.com Community for the Arts.

Creator and Sponsor of The New Web Publishing Model.

Writer of Bohemians and Angels Novel Cycle in 12 Volumes.

Conceptual Artist.



Very Pleasant.

Still geniusing away madly in poverty and obscurity.

Not bitter.



There, doesn't that look nice?

Well, it does to everyone else.

MacArthur Fellowship Site


MacArthur Foundation Honors 23

New York Times

September 28, 2010

By Felicia R. Lee

The creator of the television series “The Wire,” about drugs, poverty and corruption in Baltimore; a historian who traced the lives of a slave family connected to Thomas Jefferson; and an economist who helped calculate the worth of a standout kindergarten teacher were among the 23 recipients of the $500,000 “genius awards” to be announced on Tuesday by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.




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