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This is my personality page. And I have a lot of it!

Personality I mean. The page isn't really that large.

It's a normal size page. Not even very full of words.

I could make it bigger, but then you'd never get it all in your browser. What then?


You can see the Introduction to Lee Vidor here - which is a single page and very pleasant too.

Lee Vidor Says..

Or you can see me misbehaving quite a lot on a dozen or more pages here: Lee Vidor Misbehaves.

And you can read my blog here: My 1500 Years Of Fame.

Seeing both sets of pages is wisest because I have just too many wicked ideas to fit into only one section.

Would you like me to do something really astonishing to you before you go?

Oh I bet you would..

Get out of here before there's trouble!

Lee Vidor Says..

Lee Vidor Misbehaves.

My 1500 Years Of Fame Blog

Go here if you dare. A Dangerous Page.


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