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Lee Vidor In Space!

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


Lee Vidor announces she will be going into space.

Just as soon as she is offered a free seat on a Virgin Galactic Space tourism flight.

Lee has spent a good deal of time in outer space in the past, and looks forward to returning there without having to flap her wings to do it.

Said, Ms. Vidor, "It will be so lovely to sit in a cushioned seat and sip champagne while there. Every time I've gone in the past I've spilled my drink by having to swerve to avoid meteorites and space junk left by astronauts, some of which is quite unattractive."

"Who would have thought that a Virgin might ever take you into space? I hope they also manage to bring back the record store."

"I'm looking forward to the whole expedition. I'll make you a full report. I'm having my helmet polished right now."

But she's not going if she has to pay those mean Virgin people the $200,000 for a seat.



Lee Vidor Signature


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