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Can Non-English speakers read the Exciting Erotic Witty Engaging Sexy Outrageous Provocative Inspiring Novels of Lee Vidor?



And We Will Be FormlessAnd We Will Be FormlessUnder Total Eclipse Under Total EclipseLove Is A Simple Thing Under Total Eclipse20th Century Angels & Bohemians


Yes You Can!

They are also made for you to read in English.


It is in no way illegal and Lee Vidor has made special arrangements with your foreign ambassador to allow you to read her books in English without fear of criminal penalty.

This also applies to China. Although for China every third letter L and 87% of the TH's will have been removed.

For your convenience, this will be done automatically by a team of Chinese government experts as your book downloads into your home computer. You won't even know it happened.


Lee Vidor's Aesthetic Position:

I don't want to get into an involved discussion on this because right now I'm making a movie of me dancing flamenco to a great song by Talking Heads on the beach in front of an ancient Easter Island head.

And frankly that's a lot more exciting to do..

Omg look at her dancing! She's not even lying!



I am a populist and not an elitist.

My novels are easily understood by anyone with intelligence and reasonable high school English. That would be you.

Only people who know nothing about literature imagine that it should be hard to read.

Unfortunately this includes quite some misguided writers and critics.

And quite a number of academics too.

But not me!


I believe in simplicity and clarity of expression in art. And in expression itself. Literature is what happens inside your head and your emotions, not what happens inside your dictionary.

And if you injure yourself attempting to read one of my lovely novels in English, I will come to your house and sit at your bedside and and soothe you until you recover from any injury caused by a reading a long nasty foreign English word.


It's A Global Culture Now.

Yes it is Lee. And that is a very wise remark.

If you can watch a movie or television program in English then you can read Lee Vidor's novels in English perfectly well.

And they are much better, and better for you than that soulless Hollywood stuff.

That's all written by machines you know.


So you don't need to wait until some publisher decides to pay some translator almost nothing to turn my beautiful easy flowing prose into something clumsy and horrible that sounds as if it was written by a very boring person.

By the time I get translated into your noble but obscure language I'll sound as if my books are written by a foreigner with no graceful wings. And not by a beautiful and delicate cartoon angel. Who is witty and light.

Also you will be a good deal older than you are today.

And I'm not sure you can afford to get any older without reading Lee Vidor..

So try them in English.

Join the global culture. Now's your chance.

You're invited!

Tell them I sent you.

The books are not expensive and at least your money is going to someone pleasant and not an international corporation which is deliberately polluting the world with ugly and obscure adjectives.

Alright, I'm off dancing now!

You be brave and get on over to the Bookstore foreign person!


Lee Vidor Signature


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