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Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


Help Lee Vidor and Shakespeare-X find a corporate sponsor so that you can hear the Shakespeare-X Message before it's old news. It's 400 years old already, it may not keep much longer.

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo, Apple are waiting to hear from you!

Send them a Sponsor Shakespeare-X Message Now! email. It's free!

All we need is that a million email messages be sent.

Any fewer and these very important people may not bother to read them all.


A lovely email message is already written for you below. Just copy it, paste it, click the email link and send it.

30 seconds will cover it all. And you'll feel really good and as if you did something worthwhile.

When you send one email it will go to all of the following 19 ish people all at once:

You can also write your own email message of course, but make it friendly please.

These people are famous for their sense of humor.




Amazon: Jeff Bezos, CEO; Andrew Jassy, SVP Web Services

Google: Larry Page, CEO; Sergey Brin, Tech Guru; Lorraine Twohill, CMO

Microsoft: Bill Gates, Guru; Steve Ballmer, CEO; Mich Mathews CMO

Apple: Steve Jobs, CEO; Philip W. Schiller, Worldwide VP Marketing

Yahoo: Jerry Yang CEO; Elisa Steele CMO


Email Link to send message:


This link is not yet operating. Nor is the email campaign. Come back soon. Don't forget!


Yes Lee, I'd love to send these very rich corporations a friendly, pleasant email telling them not to miss the chance to sponsor the Shakespeare-X Message. They'd be mad to miss that!



The Pleasant Email Message

Subject: Sponsor The Shakespeare-X Message Now!

Corporate Friends!,

I am an important consumer of your valuable products and therefore I want to encourage you to Sponsor Lee Vidor and Shakespeare-X Now!

I can't wait to hear the exciting Shakespeare-X Message, and if your name is connected with it, I will be very impressed and experience gloriously warm feelings towards your corporation for a long, long time.

Whenever I hear the word Shakespeare, which will be a great many times over the course of my life, I will think of your generous and visionary support of Shakespeare-X, and therefore respect you even more than I do now.

I will also look upon the corporations who failed to support Lee Vidor and Shakespeare-X with disdain and possibly even revulsion. They had the chance to sponsor Shakespeare-X, but they did not. Why on earth would they fail in this? Can I trust them with my future custom? It's not clear that I should, perhaps they are too concerned with money and not enough with welcoming magic into the dull world.

My own opinion is that Lee Vidor is a fabulous public persona for you, and the perfect cartoon angel for your corporation to associate itself with. If I had a corporation, I'd certainly put all its important spokespersoning into the safe and entertaining hands of the charming Lee Vidor. Her level of accomplishment is unsurpassed and that reflected glory would certainly accrue to a sponsoring corporation.

When Lee Vidor talks, people listen. Because she never bores them, even when she is telling them the true identity of William Shakespeare. That's not as easy to do as it looks.

Most people would go all professorial and yell, 'Look at me and pay attention! I'm so smart! I'm going to tell you who Shakespeare really was. Because I'm smarter than you..'

But Lee Vidor doesn't do that. She never bores. And people bore very easily nowadays you know.

There is nothing in the world more valuable than creativity now, this is the era of it and she has more of it than is healthy to possess. Have you seen how many wonderful and important books she has written? Probably too many.

She has more creativity than you do, let's face it. And your whole corporate future is dependent on creativity.

So you should think about investing in hers. If you're smart.

Everybody in the world knows if it wasn't for the artists and writers on the web making interesting stuff to look at, your corporation would be no bigger than AOL and GeoCities are today. It wouldn't hurt anything to pay a little back to those poor starving creative people.

We consumers see how much profit you make, it soothes us to know you have spent a little of it on something wonderful and exciting for us to enjoy.

Also Lee Vidor has wings and few people have that nowadays either.

Imagine if your video commercials could have wings in them, omg how exciting would that be!

I'm frightened even to think about it for the danger of swooning away.

So contact Lee Vidor and make a nice offer of sponsorship for the Shakespeare-X Message. It's a terrific thing.

And don't be cheap!

This is the real identity of William Shakespeare we're talking about. We're not talking about Batman.

Who is probably Bruce Wayne anyhow.


Yours Sincerely,


An Engaged and Important consumer.





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