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Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


PLEASE NOTE: With the release of the Shakespeare-X Message most of the interactive aspects of this web site are no longer operating and I am off doing other exciting things. So basically you missed it all here.

This means you won't get a reply to your email message, even though I'll be thinking about you. So before you send an email, please consider if I am still concerned with the aspect you wish to discuss.

I'm definitely not debating the Shakespeare-X Message now that it is released. I did my part, it's proven, now you either grasp that or you don't..




If you wish to contact Lee Vidor please send your message to the appropriate email box for your purposes. See below.

Normally you would be much wiser to post a message on the Salon Boards. Choose the salon appropriate to your question or remarks. I'm much more likely to answer you there than with an email message. I'm drowning in email messages.



Email Messages


I am receiving an astronomic number of emails, too many to even open, hundreds per hour.

Until things quieten down, which is probably never..

Please be certain you send your email to the correct contact address for your subject. Of necessity any messages sent to the wrong postbox will receive no reply.

The postboxes are clearly labeled in this directory below. Message me from the link appropriate to your message subject and things will move much more efficiently. Or at all.

Please put the subject of your email clearly in your subject heading so that I can scan your exciting message without opening it.

I really read all the headings.

Oh and all the emails too of course...


Generally I deal with one mailbox subject at a time, for efficiency. Whatever I'm in the mood for.


Examples of good message headings:

President Obama Challenges Lee Vidor to an informal basketball game. No wings allowed.

Please Accept This Convertible Mercedes Which We Have Extra In Our Showroom.

Here's What I Look Like Naked When Behaving Like A Little Slut.


Little Cheaters

Any message falsely headlined to trick me into opening it will receive no answer and your name will go on a banned list for all future submissions and responses. You will no longer be able to board an airplane in the continental United States and you will be stalked and captured and tortured and your ears will be eaten by savage mechanical ants which I have in my possession at this very moment.

So don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I won’t find it charming or clever or witty.

I’m really drowning in email.

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Lee Vidor

Email correspondent and pleasant angel.



Email Directory


All General Messages: General Email Messages.

This Address is for:

Pleasant friendly admiring email. Adoring email also. No compliment is too extreme!

Nasty unfriendly unpleasant critical email written by real a*s*s*holes. No message is too brief!

Naked photos of lovely pink girls showing their adorable charms for me to discreetly admire in secret. No nudity is unhealthy!

Naked photos sent by hairy smelly guys for forwarding to my Facebook, Myspace and Flickr accounts. No penis is that large.

General complaints about the state of the world. I can't do anything about it I'm afraid. Just be glad you survived the Bush Years.

The answer to all questions about when exciting stuff is happening is: 'As soon as possible.'



Specific Message Subjects


Novel Purchasing Problems: Contact

Problems with ebook downloads or PayPal payments etc. No problem is too unimportant. Well it is really, but it was a nice thing to say anyway. I'll try to help.



Regarding Shakespeare-X Message. Contact

Regarding Shakespeare-X Foundation Contact

The answer to all questions about when exciting stuff is happening is: 'As soon as possible.'


Media & Press: Contact

Regarding Lee Vidor and her elusiveness. No quote too quotable.

The answer to all questions about when exciting stuff is happening is: 'As soon as possible.'

Corporate Sponsorship:

Regarding Corporate Sponsorship of Shakespeare-X : Sponsorship

Please include public business telephone number and address if you hope for a reply.

Art & Museums & Collectors: Contact

Regarding Lee Vidor exhibitions and art purchases.

Please include public business telephone number and address if you hope for a reply.


Support From Famous Writers & Artists: Contact

Regarding support or participation in Shakespeare-X and this website by famous writers and artists.

No measure of support too great.


The Auschwitz Chapter: Contact

Regarding The Auschwitz Chapter.

Everything in the Auschwitz Chapter has been very carefully authenticated. Provide credentials if you hope for debate. Or response.

Ignorant hate mongers can assist me by deleting their messages before sending them.


Serious Fun, Secrets, The Clue Puzzle:

Regarding Serious Fun Contact

Regarding Secrets Page Contact

Yes, I'd love to have your secret. As long as it's real.

Regarding the Clue Puzzle. Contact

If it's not there then it's not coming until it does. Then I'll announce it in news.

The answer to all questions about when exciting stuff is happening is: 'As soon as possible.'


Piracy Hotline: Contact

If you see my novels for sale or stolen download anywhere on the web except here then contact me please!

Each book has a secret code in it which connects it to the purchaser, so there will be big trouble for that criminal and a lovely email and gift for you! So don't hesitate. You'll get a piece of the financial returns from the lawsuit too. Artists need to be paid for their work or there will be no more work soon. Everyone knows that.


Agents, Publishers, Producers, Studios: Contact

Regarding how much money you can earn off, uh, make for.. me.

I do have what you need. Do you have what I need? Think on that before you type.

Include public business telephone number and address if you hope for a reply.

Also credits. Be specific. No lying. I know your industry. Be a principal in it.


Rights Usage For Lee Vidor Creative Works and Image: Contact

No, I don't want your website to sell Tee Shirts and mugs with my image on, thank you. Also not my books. Or anything to do with Lee Vidor. 'Anything' in this case means, 'absolutely nothing.' No, not even your special thing.

Fair Use on the web is always fine, be sure you understand the legal meaning of the term. It is not used correctly on the popular web. See the Trademark & Copyright page on this site.

Don't ask for anything large unless you have the resources to realize it. That wastes both our time. I especially mean you here, Mr. Future, Once Upon a Time, Hollywood Producer. I'm already in an animated movie called life.

Be aware, I know the law intimately and sue like mad.


Anything Else I've Neglected To Mention:

Please no email asking me when things are starting up. Everything will come as soon as it's possible. I'm not lazy. I'll announce everything in news and blogs, so you might be wise to take an RSS link. And watch the latest news link at the top of every page.

Also if you help me with the Sponsor Shakespeare-X Now! email/social networking campaign, everything will arrive faster. So get everyone busy emailing corporate sponsors excited messages about how fantastic Shakespeare-X is in a dull boring world.


Volunteering: Contact

You can volunteer to help Shakespeare-X here. See the Volunteers web page first though. All we need right now are computer wizards and Dreamweaver maestros.

I am delighted to receive your offer, although I probably won't reply until I have something for you to do. But you will go into the magic database of people I admire and adore.


Website Tech problems, Web site suggestions: Contact

Try to be helpful. I'm drowning in email and site problems and the whole world is chasing after me. Some of it is angry, the rest is delighted.

But I'm happy and pleasant still!

That's angeldom.



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