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You may comment here on anything to do with this website and its content.

If you wish to ask a direct question you would be wiser to use the Salons. There I can append an answer directly to your comment. Although I won't unless it's a sensible and not insulting question which isn't answered on the website.

Carefully pick the appropriate salon for your question please. I'm moderating 6 or so salons simultaneously and everyone is very curious. And nosy. So make your question pleasant and amusing.Or insightful.

Also mention the question in the post title so that others can see it and read the answer too. And then not ask the same question.

Eg: Lee, Why can't you just tell us what the darn Shakespeare-X Message says! We're dying of curiosity.

And then I'll append a pleasant answer to your lovely question.

This only applies to the Salons.



On The Comments Board Below..


Comments may not show up immediately after submission. No matter how exciting they are. Especially if you're a suspicious character making an anonymous comment which may be designed only to inflame.

Then I may have to take a close look at you before approving your remark. But don't post it twice because the system is fine, it's just that you're a little anarchist. Or worse.

So follow the posting instructions if you're impatient to see your post.

I don't answer questions here. I do moderate though. And ban rude people.



Please note:

When your type your comment it will show in black inside the box and be hard to see if your screen is dark.

Simply click on the name or email address box, or highlight anything in the comment box, and your post will turn white and more visible.

When you submit the comment it will appear in a light font and be gorgeous and witty and perfectly easy to see.

It irritates me too, but it's the price of beauty.

Also I won't be emailing you a reply, so don't get excited. It just came with the comment box.


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