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Welcome To Cocktail Lounge With Lee

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


If I'm awake and here you can talk to me.

You can also talk to me if I'm asleep, but I probably won't answer then.

You might find me here at any hour around the world, I'm a free spirit.

If I'm somewhere around it will show it in the chat box below.

The little pawn beside my name in the box thingy will be red if I am not on.

You can also chat to anyone else who is wandering here. Everyone is adult and very nice usually. I catch and torture and ban the unpleasant ones.

I might easily be here but improving the website, so be patient.

You can change your name by clicking on it, if it violates your sensibility. Which it very well may. Choose a sensible name! Your own name for example..

Meanwhile pour yourself a drink and look around the site while you wait, if I'm around and feeling chatty I peek back here now and again.

You should hear a ping when someone types. It might even be me.

And if you're under 18 then... No drinking! And get off to bed you nosy little scamp!

I'm sometimes here chatting and listening not under my own name. So that might be me you're chatting to right now. So show good manners and be pleasant and cheerful.

No, I don't care for cyber sex right now thank you. No, I don't care how aroused you are. You beast!

Oh, and before I forget, no sneaky journalists! One reporter's question and you are out! This is a social lounge.


Everything that appears here is copyright of Lee Vidor.

Except what you say, that's under your copyright. So make it good. You can publish our conversation from here as long as you only use your side of it. That's fair.

If you want to publish my side of it on your blog or web site then ask for permission in writing later, after I know what horrible ugly things you have said to me. And make it good writing, neat too. Make it look like typing but be hand drawn. As if a really patient bald monk has created it to impress me. I always enjoy that.














Lee Vidor Signature


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