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Shakespeare-X Message Clue Puzzle!

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


At last!

Here is the clue puzzle! Or not.

Either way you have found the final world on the subject. If the puzzle is here at all, then it is here on this page.

Or at least the official link to it is here on this page.

Forget everything you read elsewhere on this site, this is the actual page which is in the know!

If there is a puzzle at all, it is coming right up now!


A Link to the mysterious Shakespeare-X Message puzzle for smart people dying to play!

Go on, click it! It's FREE now!



If you're still here then bad luck! Maybe I'll have it soon..

If you're not still here then... Good luck with the puzzle!

You're not getting your money back so don't be whining that it's hard.

I warned you it's too hard for you.

Little sissy..

Oh it's only $3, stop your weeping!



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