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Welcome Book Reviewers of the World!

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.



What a good looking bunch of people you are!

Who would have thought that a group of people so intellectually brilliant could look this attractive too!


Yes, you may review my lovely novels.

Currently there are 3 of them published on this website and available for review.

And people are definitely wondering who on earth Lee Vidor might be, and if she can really be this imaginative.

Or if she's a big fat lying hoaxer.

So you'll probably get lots of readers for a finely wrought review.

In fact you should probably review all three books.


Since they are completely separate books written at different times. Different decades. Different centuries even.



Non English Reviewers:

The books are easily understandable for anyone with high school level English. Which is everybody educated nowadays.

And it's not an accident that they are like this. It suits my sensibility and my literary intent.

So you shouldn't hesitate to read in English and review them.

The words mean simply what they appear to mean and the books unify thematically in ways which don't require a complete mastery of the English language to grasp. It's all about vision, not about vocabulary. You'll see.

I don't envisage translating them into your obscure but noble language for a long time, and perhaps not ever. Not even into the languages I speak myself.

So it would be foolish to wait and let your grand nation miss out on the pleasures of global culture. That's all in the past. It's one world civilization we live in now. So don't be a provincial.

And translation is never that good in my experience anyway. Everything is there except the writer.


Review Copies:

All Lee Vidor novels are now available for kindle on Amazon.com. Very inexpensively.


Yes I know you want them free.

And I know you are used to that.

And feel you deserve it.


I'm very busy and so are you.

It'll take hours for you to write me an impressive email detailing your credentials, and for me to find it, read it, and reply sending you a free book.

Which will only save a few dollars.

Which you can put on expenses anyway.

And frankly, I need the money more than your tightwad employer does.

You will be assisting in the creation of more of my delightful novels. 20th Century Bohemians and Angels is a lot of work.

Just you try writing an architectonic symphony of 12 novels exploring a complex group of elemental themes.

Your head will explode.

You'll go all dizzy and start thinking you've uncovered a secret message from William Shakespeare.


Also I'm not a multinational corporation with squads of lowly paid assistants dying to be useful and send you well-wrapped packages.

So consider it a donation to the future of literary publishing. Which we both love and respect.

Each novel has a 35-40 page excerpt you can read free on this website before you buy any book.

And with your refined literary skills, you'll already know it's going to be worth the substantial investment of $3-99.


I'm going to be publishing a lot of exciting books in the coming few years, which no respectable literary aficionado will be able to ignore.

Especially if the Shakespeare-X Message is not a cruel mean vicious hoax..

So I'll see your published reviews and gradually develop a mailing list and send you free books eventually.

After I can afford the email.

One day I hope to be able to afford to make all my books free for everyone in fact. My beautiful utopian dream.


Meantime, I'll put any fascinating and insightful reviews up on this website with your name prominently displayed on them. Think of the glory!

And perhaps some misguided reviews also. If there are any.

So we'll all be friends and explore this exciting new publishing model together.

We'll be making the future happen, like lovers dancing a sexy tango together.

How the future will envy us!

Perhaps it'll be a future where people like you and I can earn a dignified living from our work, and not be subject to endless corporate bullying and incompetence.

Won't that be worth a few dollars?

Omg will it ever!



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