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Within the coming year or so Lee Vidor will be releasing approximately 2 or 3 complete exhibitions of original visual art works for gallery exhibition and sale in a series of One Angel Shows running internationally.

These works will be conceptual fine art paintings.

These exhibitions will not involve the Shakespeare-X Message.

Each exhibition will comprise a thematically unified gallery show of original works, approximately 12 in number.

All the paintings will be medium-large scale oil on canvas. Colorful and decorative. Conceptually provocative.

It is intended that these works will debut for sale at Art Basel.

Angel Lee Vidor will be present in person at the Art Basel Fair to meet collectors.


Gallerists and museums interested in curating these solo exhibitions can contact Lee Vidor here:

Art Exhibitions

Gallerists should be principals of major international art galleries.

Applications from museum curators will also be considered.

International art dealers should have a client list of the highest caliber.

Subscription pre-sales may be considered for major international collectors. Principals only.





For Recent Future Solo Exhibition:


1. Lee Vidor Meta paintings.

2. Lee Vidor Meta Meta paintings.

3. Lee Vidor, Famous For 1500 Years. (Paintings)

4. Angel Lee Vidor's Superstar Vacation. (Paintings)

5. Accidental Moments From The Life Of Lee Vidor. (Paintings)

6. Lee Vidor Contemplates Eternity. (Paintings)

7. Lee Vidor's Illuminated Manuscript Codex Installations. (Sculptural Objects)


Works For Immediate Sale:

The Lee Vidor Codex

A limited 100 print edition of a signed Lee Vidor Manuscript sculptural art object.

These manuscript works are also complete signed manuscripts for the first published volume of the 20th Century Bohemians and Angels novel cycle.

For purchase of the manuscript art object: Art Collectors

Read more about the novel here: Love Is A Simple Thing,The Sound Of A Cello Singing

Read about the 20th Century Bohemians and Angels novel cycle. 20th Century Bohemians and Angels.



About the Artist Lee Vidor:


Lee Vidor is the first major global artist of the 21st Century.

Lee Vidor is the literary chronicler of the 20th Century Modernist Renaissance.

Lee Vidor is the originator of the 20th Century Modernist Renaissance Theory.

Lee Vidor is famous for 1500 years as the realiser of the Shakespeare-X Message and The Lee Vidor Shakespeare-X Proof.

Lee Vidor is the creator of the Lee Vidor.com Website Art Project.

Lee Vidor is creating The Shakespeare-X Foundation as a living work of art. A self-replicating cultural machine.

Lee Vidor is a cartoon angel who lives in cyberspace. A living artwork who interacts live and via media.

Lee Vidor is the first living artist to transcend the constraints of the physical world.

Lee Vidor is the most famous anonymous person in the world.

Lee Vidor is now 11.25% as immortal as William Shakespeare.


Lee Vidor's work explores the nature of cyberspace relationship, media reality and fame. The relation between the artist, the art work and the world. And other things.

To bid on Lee Vidor's fascinating future exhibitions, please contact the artist here: Art Exhibitions

Serious inquiries only please.



Lee Vidor Trances Heavenly



Lee Vidor Trances Heavenly on Vimeo web site (larger)



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