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Name The Decade!

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It’s time to name the decade. 2000-2010.

The mass media and historians need a convenient handle or they can’t talk or think about anything at all.

And let's face, it they've failed miserably so far to either name it or grasp it.

So to help things along, and since I'm a celebrity, I’ve decided to name the first decade of the 21st Century for them.

I’m tired of seeing it described as the Noughties / the 00’s / the Zeroes etc. Have they no idea how unaesthetic these all look in print? No wonder everyone is confused about what’s going on in the world, with a name like that for the period.

Time magazine recently named it The Decade From Hell – which I really like, since it was a nasty nasty decade, full of wars and terrorist explosions and economic collapses and freaky diseases and truly ugly politics. Omg I thought it would never end. It was an edgy decade.

But The Decade From Hell is too vague, even though it’s a pretty accurate description.

So, in the interests of both science and beauty, from now on the decade just ending will be officially known as...

The Cyber Age.

Isn’t that neat and cute?

Tell everyone.

Thank you.

I’ll change this if anyone sends in a better title. Try not to use the word fucking, even though it seems pretty appropriate.


Already discarded alternatives:

The E-Decade

The iDecade.

The Online Age


Oh and if you’re interested in this subject, the 20th Century will be known from now on as...

The Century of Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll!

Get up a nice petition.

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