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Gender War / Gender Amnesty

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


Gender roles have always fascinated me, also societal attitudes to them.

Below you can find a very unusual poll, which I'd like you to take seriously.

If you can, you darn troublemaker.


The poll asks women if they'd actually rather be a man, and men if they'd actually rather be a woman.

I am not talking about sexual preference here, I'm talking about gender preference. If you were the opposite sex you would still be madly heterosexual, or homosexual, just as much as you are now. The poll isn't about finding out if you're secretly gay..


I think each gender really has a deep misunderstanding of the opposing gender's experience of the world.

To try to confirm this, I'd like to see you make a serious and considered vote.

Then we can all see the results of such a survey taken among educated liberated people. Like us.

And that will be really interesting..


Men only vote on the Men's question.

Women only vote on the Women's question.


Click stuff on the poll box to see the voting results.











Wasn't that interesting!


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