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The Shakespeare-X Message As Proof Of An Authorship Imposture By Christopher Marlowe In The Writings Of William Shakespeare.

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


The Shakespeare-X Message is a clear and definitive message, unequivocal and deliberately intended by Shakespeare to reveal the authorship imposture to the world. It was created and concealed for this purpose.

The Shakespeare-X Message is not only a clear statement of identity, it also reveals a dazzling story of what happened to the real Shakespeare, the acclaimed dramatist and poet Christopher Marlowe. The vision and inspiration of the message are breathtaking. It is everything a Shakespeare lover could wish for. Consideration of the Shakespeare-X Message allows us to see the grandeur of Shakespeare's intellect in contemporary terms. Again Shakespeare is confirmed as a dazzling genius.

The Shakespeare-X Message carries an indisputable mathematical verifiability which moves it into the category of proof rather than conjecture. The Lee Vidor Shakespeare-X Proof is complete and conclusive, in itself, and requires no additional evidential confirmation.

The mathematical nature of the proof means that its conclusion cannot be refuted by mere opinion, no matter how distinguished the academic literary reputation of the disputant. Lee Vidor's thesis can only be refuted using the established laws of mathematics.

The Shakespeare-X Message proves with mathematical certainty that the actor William Shakespeare did not write the literary works attributed to his name, regardless of everything which has previously been thought and written on the subject of Shakespearean authorship throughout all history.

It is hereby proven beyond dispute that the works of Shakespeare were written by the celebrated dramatist Christopher Marlowe, using the name William Shakespeare as his pseudonym, and the Stratford actor William Shakespeare to impersonate him in public life in London.

The imposture was undertaken for political reasons because Marlowe was under threat of his life. During this time Marlowe was thought dead by the general population, but was in fact banished from the country by Queen Elizabeth I into exile abroad.

You can read a great deal more original research by Lee Vidor regarding the man Christopher Marlowe, the writer Shakespeare-Marlowe, and the Authorship Imposture elsewhere on this site.

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You can see the Shakespeare-X Message here below.

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Lee Vidor's Proof Of A Literary Imposture In The Works Of Shakespeare


The Case Of The Authorship Question:

For more than one hundred and fifty years there has been some doubt as to the true authorship of the works of William Shakespeare. Although this doubt has not been accepted in all quarters, especially those of academia, nevertheless there has been a lack of biographical-historical evidence regarding the life and work of the actor William Shakespeare, which lack has made disputation regarding authorship of the plays and poetry possible. Disputants have included, among many others, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Henry James, William James, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman.


Introduction to The Shakespeare-X Message.

The Shakespeare-X Message is a biographical statement of authorship, created by the true author of the works of William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, as a means of irrefutably declaring eternal personal authorship of the literary works of William Shakespeare.

The Shakespeare-X Message was uncovered by this writer, Lee Vidor, on May 18th 2009, during the course of original research into the Authorship Question.


The Shakespeare-X Message.


The Shakespeare-X Message is hereby defined:

When the name Christopher Marlowe is split apart and the name William Shakespeare placed inside it, together the names spell out a clear, unencrypted, coherent message, which is a unique and unambiguous statement of authorship.




















Christ Will I Am Shakespeare Over Marlowe

The Validity Of The Shakespeare-X Message As Proof Of An Imposture.

It should be noted that the validity of the Shakespeare-X Message is predicated only upon the following three accepted historical facts, and that no facts other than these are necessary for acceptance of the validity of the message.

Two of these facts have been generally accepted by all for hundreds of years. The third is new but indisputable.

1. The name William Shakespeare is historically attached to a known body of literary works.

2. A celebrated playwright named Christopher Marlowe lived contemporaneously with the playwright historically thought to be William Shakespeare.

3. When the names Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare are put together in a particular way, with William Shakespeare placed inside Christopher Marlowe, it spells out the clear, coherent, unambiguous statement: Christ Will I Am Shakespeare Over Marlowe.

Note that the mathematically derived conclusion produced by the Shakespeare-X Message is not dependent in any way on any of the historical arguments of Stratfordians, Baconians, Marlovians nor Oxfordians.


Aspects Of The Shakespeare-X Message:


1. Note that the Shakespeare-X Message is a fact, not an interpretation. It exists today precisely as it did on the day it was created by Shakespeare-Marlowe himself. By its very nature it is authentic and a primary source.


2. Of particular note is the fact that the message is complete and coherent. No letters are missed or remaindered and there is no complex or anagrammatic system of decipherment required to receive the message. It was chosen by Christopher Marlowe as a suitable statement of authorship for precisely these reasons.


3. Also note that it is a two part message, giving both a statement of identity and a reason for the imposture, namely ‘Christ will,’ or Fate.

It is of additional interest that this reason is indirectly relevant to the circumstances which engendered the necessity for the imposture, (that Marlowe was falsely accused of atheism/heresy/apostasy), making the Shakespeare-X Message all the more appropriate for Marlowe’s use.

4. The matter of variable Elizabethan spellings as evidenced in the word ‘over’ resolves itself when the message is spoken aloud.

In speech the matter of the normally variable Elizabethan spelling of the word opher / ofer disappears, and the meaning is perfectly lucid.

One should also be reminded that Marlowe spelled his forename Christofer, in his only surviving signature. Elizabethan society was a verbal rather than a literate society, at that time spelling was universally phonetic, making the spelling of words undefined and commonly variable.

Furthermore, Marlowe was strictly constrained by the limitations of his actual baptismal name. It was not possible for him to correct the spelling in any way.

In fact, it is precisely the universal constraints naturally rendered upon all given baptismal names when used to attempt to form a coherent message which makes the Shakespeare-X Message irrefutably appropriate for Marlowe’s use, and clearly not a product of chance. The Shakespeare-X Message is an engineered statement.


The Conclusion.

The Shakespeare-X Message is a personal statement of authorship directly from Christopher Marlowe, which can only have been created by Christopher Marlowe himself, with the deliberate purpose of irrefutably declaring himself for all time to be the true writer of the literary works of William Shakespeare.


The Mathematical Proof for the irrefutable conclusion that Christopher Marlowe wrote the literary works historically attributed to William Shakespeare.



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