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I am such an important celebrity now!

I am so famous and exciting that I can hardly recognize myself in the media.

Thank God they never found out about that time I swallowed a live chicken to win a bet.

Omg those birds wiggle and tickle your throat with their feathers!


I'm so fabulous and exciting and mysterious and dramatic and just plain wicked in the media I can hardly stand it.

I'm hypnotized reading about myself.

I would beg myself for a date after reading all that stuff!

And then I'd misbehave madly on that date.

It would be the most dramatic evening of my whole life. And that's dramatic!


Here's what the press and media have been saying about me:




The Lee Vidor Media Report


Well, the press and media haven't said anything about me yet as I write this..

But they will!

I'm sure of it.

Even though I only wrote lots and lots of fabulous sexy books and discovered a Modernist Renaissance lasting more than a whole century, and then uncovered the true identity of William Shakespeare.

I know it's not like I got drunk and crashed my SUV and then accidentally made a porn movie with me in it, which somehow mysteriously got out, so I had to have my face tattooed with runes.

But still, the press and media are bound to say something about me sooner or later. After all, how many people have gorgeous wings and are cartoon angels? Not that many.

And when they do talk about me, I'll be there, ready to read it and report what they said!

Maybe I should just forget about the William Shakespeare identity thing if it's so unimportant, and instead get my breasts enlarged to the size of basketballs..

Oh well..

We'll see.

Come back tomorrow and see what's new here..



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