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Our Privacy Policy:

We don't care what you do in private.

We're not even interested, even though we suspect that some of it is probably illegal and quite perverse.



I do not collect names or data here.

Or use cookies.

I don’t care where else you go on the internet.

I’m not sending you spam. So don’t ask for it. I’m busy.

I'm not writing you a boring newsletter.

But I do have your name somewhere in a secret database and I ban people who are rude and can’t behave.

You know who you are.



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1. Put on a hat.

2. Put your hand over your heart

3. Repeat these words: I promise not to ever say anything mean about Lee Vidor.

Now wet your finger and put it in your ear and waggle it a little.

Does that feel good? Yes/No.

Now lower your underwear to your knees.

Look around. Are you in Starbucks?

Go home immediately.

Now stop blushing and stand up straight and repeat after me:

I promise I won’t send Lee Vidor annoying messages asking for attention.

I promise that if I see something sexy on this website I will still behave with dignity at home.

I promise I will be pleasant to the people I meet here and try to elevate the level of discussion in the Salons, including all gossip, trash talking and witty bitchery too.


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You’re in!



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Take Me Away Lee!

Somewhere exciting please.



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