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Writers' Manuscripts and Stuff. Handwriting too.

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


I always love to see great writers' manuscripts and their handwriting. And their stuff too really.

I'd steal it if I could, but that would be irresponsible and selfish and just plain wrong.

But still, imagine having a pair of Shakespeare's shoes! Omg! Or Jane Austen's bonnet. Charles Dickens' walking cane!

I once saw Abraham Lincoln's top hat, but that's another story. Thank God they didn't have his beard.

And I know a stupendous quote from Chopin which goes: 'I don't want people admiring my pants in a museum.'

Oh, and I've seen a photograph of Napoleon's penis in a little velvet box. Which in my opinion is really taking collecting too far.


Here are some photographs of writers' signatures and desks and manuscripts from the Lee Vidor archives here at the Cyberland Mansion.

All of them are real.



Some Writers' Manuscripts.


Marcel Proust - In Search Of Lost Time


Proust manuscript


Marcel Proust


Marcel Proust, scrap paper notes montaged into his manuscript.




James Joyce - Ulysses


Joyce Circe


James Joyce - Ulysses




Tolstoy - War and Peace




Kafka - The Trial



Kafka, the same page in close up.

Kafka drawings from his diary



F. Scott Fitzgerald

F Scott Fitzgerald Manuscript



Samuel Beckett




Samuel Beckett notebook.




Lewis Caroll - Alice In Wonderland





Jack Kerouac - On The Road


Kerouac Manuscript OTR




Jane Austen - Sanditon manuscript



Jane Austin - Letter and signature




Anton Chekhov - letter and signature

Chekhov letter



William Shakespeare - Sir Thomas More manuscript. Page reputedly written by 'Hand D', William Shakespeare.


Shakespeare 4th Hand Thomas More Manuscript


Some Writers' Stuff


Tolstoy's writing desk.




Jane Austen's writing table




Charles Dickens' writing desk




Charles Dickens' Quill



Marcel Proust's writing bed.




Tolstoy and Chekhov comparing boot styles and beards.




Some Writers' Signatures



Emile Zola


Leo Tolstoy


Thomas Mann


James Joyce


Oscar Wilde


Jean-Paul Sartre


JD Salinger


Jack Kerouac


William Burroughs


T S Eliot


Samuel Beckett

Charles Dickens

Fyodor Dostoyevsky



Franz Kafka


Jane Austen


Anton Chekhov


William Shakespeare



Lee Vidor Signature


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