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The sound of the actual Titanic fog horn - imagine your own photo for it. Omg is that an ice berg!?

This is the gap in the wall at the Louvre after the Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911. I wrote a little about it in one of my novels because Picasso was arrested in connection with the theft. The book will be published next year, and it's very good. It has Picasso in it as a character with a big dog and a hostile dwarf who adores him.


This is what Adolf Hitler looks like today. I hope he's learned his lesson. They say this is his skull in a Russian museum with a bullet hole in it. He looks better than ever! Good shot Adolf!



This is an egg collected by Darwin on his voyage to discover the Theory of Evolution. He wrote his name on it so that the nasty penguins couldn't steal it back. Explain that away Creationists!




This is what US currency would look like if the Presidents were bald. A clever Russian has made a full set of them. Is this the first salvo of a new Cold War of satire?




These are stone carved moai on Easter Island, excitedly waiting for a drive in movie of the Sound of Music to start.


MoaIan Sewell



These are clouds on Mars. Who would have thought they had such lovely weather there? Global warming will do that for a planet.




This is a sneakily taken photo of the Russian Lunar Lander in a private Russian museum. It's a one person vehicle. The Russians failed in their attempt to beat the USA in putting a man on the moon, and this lunar lander was never used. The Russians did secretly have an unmanned spacecraft in orbit around the moon in July 1969, while the first American astronauts, Apollo 11, were making the first moon landing.

The Russian craft, Luna 15, had the mission of landing and bringing back lunar rocks to earth in a PR coup, while the first American astronauts, Apollo 11, were still on the moon.

See after the lunar module photo for an actual sound recording made of the Soviet landing attempt during the first American moon mission.


Russian Lunar Lander


The Luna 15-Apollo 11 Tapes.

This is an edited live recording recently found in an archive at the University of Manchester, UK. It's of scientists reporting the first Apollo 11 moon landings over a number of days. During the transmissions the scientists became aware that there was another Russian unmanned spacecraft, Luna 15, in orbit around the moon. After the Russian spacecraft changed course to move nearer to the Apollo 11 landing site, the scientists were secretly informed that it was intending to make a landing. Ultimately it descended too quickly and crash landed on the moon in a mission failure.

The Luna 15-Apollo 11 Tapes (2 Mb)




This is a lightning sprite 30x30 miles across. They are rarely photographed, I can't tell you how long I had to hover up there, 50 miles high in the rain with my cellphone ready to get this photo. My hair was ruined.




This is a normal lightning strike in France. But who wouldn't want to see something this beautiful on their web page! It was made by Sebastien D'arco and Koba-chan. Not the lightning though.


Lightning in France



Doctors at the Institute of McNuggets struggle to save the life of this woolly mammoth found frozen in Siberia in 2007. Even though it has been frozen for 10,000 years, scientists hope it can still become a major new source of McNuggets, thus saving the chicken from endangered species lists.





This is the oldest sculpture ever discovered. It is 35,000 years old and made of ivory. It appears to be related to fertility. Church groups have condemned those filthy cavemen for making dirty art.




This is a Stone age 'ornament' found in Sweden, made of antler bone. Estimated to be 7000 years old. Notice the advances made in the porn industry during the previous 28,000 years, as related to the photo above.

Church groups have condemned this carving, saying it looks just like a 'dildo' they once saw in a magazine their aunt had hidden in a drawer. Caveman groups have denied the resemblance.


Dildo 5000BC



This photo is my favorite, it's the view of Earth made by the NASA probe Voyager as it leaves our solar system.

Earth is the tiny light dot in the lighter streak in the lower right part of the photograph. Yes, that's all of Earth at once. Omg we are so small and lonely. It's just as well we have so much to fight over.



Earth from Voyager probe


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