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The Shakespeare-X Message

It's easier to be a historian than a prophet.


December 5, 2010


The Shakespeare-X Message is not a hoax.

It takes the form of a deliberately concealed statement which has gone undiscovered in the historical record for 400 years.

It is a definitive, unambiguous, categorical statement of identity from the authentic William Shakespeare, explaining who wrote the works and the reason for the authorship imposture.

The actor William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon did not write the literary works attributed to his name.

The Shakespeare-X Message is completely unlike anything ever seen in the past. It is neither arcane nor indirect.

It is a clear and fundamental message, unequivocal and deliberately intended by Shakespeare-X to reveal everything to the world.

It was created and concealed for this purpose. This is the intent of the message.

The Shakespeare-X Message is not only a clear statement of identity, it also reveals a dazzling story and opens up a new universe of Shakespearean scholarship.

The vision and inspiration of the message are breathtaking.

The message is everything a Shakespeare lover could wish for.


Consideration of the Shakespeare-X Message allows us to see the grandeur of Shakespeare's intellect in contemporary terms. Again Shakespeare is confirmed as a dazzling genius.

The Shakespeare-X Message carries an indisputable mathematical verifiability which moves it into the category of proof. The Lee Vidor Shakespeare-X Proof is complete and conclusive, in itself, and requires no additional evidential confirmation.

The Shakespeare-X Message proves with mathematical certainty that the actor William Shakespeare did not write the literary works attributed to his name, regardless of everything which has previously been thought and written on the subject of Shakespearean authorship throughout all history.

The Shakespeare-X Message is simply this conclusive.


The Shakespeare Authorship Question


For hundreds of years there has been debate on the subject of the true authorship of the works of Shakespeare. People such as Einstein, Freud, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Henry James and many others have publicly expressed doubts regarding the authorship.

You can read this excellent Wikipedia page on the authorship question.

Or an edited version of this Wikipedia page, examining the traditional Shakespeare Contenders here on this site.



When Was The Shakespeare-X Message Uncovered?


It was uncovered on May 18th, 2009.



Who Wrote The Shakespeare-X Message?


The person who wrote the Shakespeare-X Message is the person who wrote the plays and poetry of Shakespeare.

It is not the actor William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon.



What Does The Shakespeare-X Message Say?


It states and proves who wrote the works of William Shakespeare and gives the reason for the literary imposture.

In this it is entirely unlike anything the world has previously seen. It invites and provides a mathematical proof. It is not a speculation nor a matter of arcane interpretation. It is so complete that it requires nothing further to support it. This is the dazzling genius of it.

The existing historical record must, of necessity, be conformed to the Shakespeare-X Message.

This is going to entail a substantial change in perspective on the works of Shakespeare.

The Shakespeare-X Message provides a clear solution to the many ambiguities and paradoxes in the Shakespearean biography and canon.


Who Has The Shakespeare-X Message?


Only three people in the world have it. Enough to ensure its safety in all circumstances. It is ready for immediate public release. It is also to be found in the Huntington Library in San Marino, California, among the rare Elizabethan book and manuscript collection for future generations to discover. If that somehow becomes necessary.


Does The Message Change The Works Of Shakespeare?


Yes and no.

It enriches them and opens them to a deeper understanding. Now that we know who the authentic author is, we can resolve the literary intention more fully. I find them even better plays now, when read from a correct and accurate perspective.


The Mathematics of the Lee Vidor Shakespeare-X Proof


The Shakespeare-X Message can be verified mathematically. It is constructed to invite this.

Mathematical models give an extremely low probability that the actor William Shakespeare wrote the plays and poetry. This calculated probability is sufficiently remote as to be mathematically negligible.

There is simply no other reasonable, logical or scientific conclusion that can be drawn, other than that there was an authorship imposture.

These mathematical models and probabilities will be released at a later date.

Under accepted scientific method, a prevailing theory is presumed provisionally true and continues to hold sway unless and until a challenging theory arises which explains the current data as efficiently, and also accounts for anomalies for which the current theory cannot account.

The Lee Vidor Shakespeare-X Proof meets these criteria. It accounts for virtually all the anomalies in the authorship question. They simply disappear.



Can I See The Shakespeare-X Message?


Yes you can. But not yet. The Shakespeare-X Message is the rarest thing in the entire world. It is a new work of art by William Shakespeare. Imagine how valuable a thing that is. That's why you can't see it. You can't Google it, you can't search it on Microsoft or Yahoo.

It is not on the internet at all. Only here. It is the rarest piece of information in the Information Age. It is the rarest art work in the entire world. It is intellectually exquisite. More astounding than the Mona Lisa.


When Can I See The Shakespeare-X Message?


You will be able to see it when the sponsor of Shakespeare-X releases it to the whole world. Then it will be a global sensation.

Read more on the Sponsorship Page.


But information wants to be free!

This piece of information doesn't. This piece wants to be the most expensive piece of information in the history of the world. That's why it hid for 400 years.



Does it matter who wrote the plays, if they are the same plays still?

Yes it does, it allows us a deeper understanding of them. It gives us a new and more accurate context in which to see them.

And so we see more clearly. And therefore they are slightly different plays.

This new context sometimes gives the very same text an entirely different and clarified meaning.

And we then become less dependent on interpreters to explain the text for understanding.

I am the first to have read the plays from the correct perspective and I find them deepened by it.

With the correct context the person Shakespeare now shines through the text. A more human but no less brilliant Shakespeare.

And with this new insight into the person Shakespeare, the writer's intention is greatly illuminated.


Does this matter?

Well I certainly find it extremely valuable to more clearly understand Shakespeare, who was the greatest genius mankind has ever produced, and the person with the deepest insight into the human condition.

By seeing more deeply into Shakespeare, we see more deeply into our own lives and humanity.

There is simply more there in Shakespeare, when we know the real life of the writer. More expression, more humanity, more depth.



Will Academic Careers Be Ruined by The Shakespeare-X Message?


The Shakespeare-X Message will send a shock wave through the world of literary scholarship. It will open up a new universe of Shakespearean scholarship.

The Shakespeare industry is a large industry which is of great importance to some. Of course some academic careers may be tarnished by the Shakespeare-X revelation, and I regret this, but my feeling is that it will most depend on the reaction of established academics to the Lee Vidor Shakespeare-X Proof.

Those who are able to grasp the significance of the fact that it is a mathematical proof, and not a mere speculation of opinion, and who then return to their work re-energized to correct the historical record, will emerge from it little harmed. After all it is the entire field of Shakespearean scholarship which has been in error for centuries, everyone in the field is in the same boat.

For a very long time no scholar has been able to speak out on the Shakespeare authorship question because of the danger to their academic reputation. The insignificance of the authorship question has been a fundamental dogma of the field for many years. Naturally this is how this entire situation has come into being. Now younger and more daring academics will be given a chance to shine as turmoil seizes the field.


I have spent the last year reviewing the work of most major scholars while confirming the message and I have found many of their insights still valid and interesting. This is more true of literary and Elizabethan period scholars than biographical experts of course. Although all literary specialists and historians will have to justify their astonishing inability to grasp the truth of the matter for 400 years. To themselves if not to the public.

It is a spectacularly interesting phenomenon, this mass academic delusion. An exhaustive examination of the power of cumulative momentum in all academic fields of study is decidedly called for. Most fields have their own heretical ideas. Dogma has no place in scholarship and, as has hereby been proven with Shakespeare-X, will lead to inevitable disaster.

Those academics who refuse to accept the simple mathematical nature of the Lee Vidor Shakespeare-X Proof, and fail to understand that it supercedes and redefines everything currently in the historical record, will simply be left behind and discredited.

Some people still claim the world is flat.


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