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The Shakespeare-X Message and Shakespeare-Marlowe Pages

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


Christopher Marlowe, wounded child of the angels, you are made immortal with a kiss.


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The Shakespeare-Marlowe Pages


These links are to all new pages made since the release of the Shakespeare-X Message.

Together they present evidence from Lee Vidor's original research and tell the true story of Shakespeare-Marlowe as far as we know it at this time.

It will take 20-50 years of Shakespearean and literary research before we finally know the details of it all.

But it will be a dazzling story when we finally have it.

When you read these pages you should take notice that Shakespeare-Marlowe is a far more remarkable man than the dull faceless actor William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon ever was.

Christopher Marlowe was a poet and an angel and a wild bohemian adventurer.

Even if he had never written the plays and poetry of Shakespeare, he would still have been a remarkable man.

But he wrote every single one of those plays too.

Articles on the genius Christopher Marlowe and his astonishing life.



Lee Vidor's Shakespeare-X Message And Shakespeare-Marlowe Articles.

All of these articles are original research, synthesis, deduction and theorizing by Lee Vidor.

Don't forget to cite properly!


Open these articles in a new browser if you wish to wander through them all. They are not linked in a circuit.


1. The Shakespeare-X Message Revealed.

Here is the actual message sent to the world by Shakespeare-Marlowe. It took 416 years to reach us.

The Shakespeare-X Message Revealed.


2. The Mathematical Improbability Of The Shakespeare-X Message.

And its meaning.

See why the Shakespeare-X Message is an irrefutable proof and not merely a speculation.

It is very convincing.

The Mathematical Probability of the Shakespeare-X Message.


3. What The Shakespeare-X Message Proves And Implies.

The uncovering of the Shakespeare-X Message has significant consequences in Shakespearean studies.

What We Now Know That We Didn't Know Before.



4. What it means not to accept that The Shakespeare-X Message Constitutes Absolute Proof Marlowe is Shakespeare.

Let's hope that this is not you.

The Absurd Position Of Those Remaining In Denial.


4A. How The Shakespeare-X Message Was Brought Into Being.

Marlowe was a man who knew all about messages and names..

How A Literary Genius Knows A Literary Message When He Creates One.


5. What Historical Evidence is there that it was Christopher Marlowe who wrote Shakespeare?

There is such a mountain of it that the future will marvel that we ever got it so wrong.

See some of the mountain of evidence here.

The Historical Evidence That Marlowe Was Shakespeare.



6. Some Biographical Anomalies Dissolved by the Shakespeare-X Message.

A list of some of the major confusions now removed from the biographical-historical record.

How Did We Get This Confused?



7. The Mechanism of the actual imposture.

Imagine you are Christopher Marlowe facing savage torture and execution in 1593..

How The Imposture Came Into Being And Was Maintained



8. Some New Textual Evidence On Christopher Marlowe As The Author Of The Works Of Shakespeare.

The works of Shakespeare are riddled with allusions to the Authorship Imposture and Marlowe's banishment.

Here are a few new references to the imposture which appear in the plays and historical record.

Uncovering and interpreting all of the Shakespeare-Marlowe record will be the work of academic scholarship for the next 10-20 years.

Some Interesting New Evidence For Those Already Engaged In Authorship Scholarship. Including An Incredible Play Scene In Which Marlowe Announces His Own Name On The Stage As The Writer..



9. A Consideration Of The Literary Development of Shakespeare-Marlowe And The Psychological Lives Of Artists.

An Examination of Greatness In Artists.



10. Who was the actor William Shakespeare of Stratford, since he was not a dramatist?

Nor was he a frequent actor according to the historical record. So how did he get involved in the imposture?

A Wildly Speculative Connection Between Marlowe and Stratford-upon-Avon.



11. A New History Of Shakespeare-Marlowe by Lee Vidor.

This is a wildly dangerous speculation on Marlowe's possible real life story.

Which I shall doubtless one day come to regret.

But as the reluctant leader of an essentially vacated field, I feel duty bound to attempt it as a public service.

What a fool!

A New History Of Shakespeare-Marlowe.



12. The Re-Naming of Shakespeare-Marlowe.

It's Lee Vidor's right to do so.

The Re-Naming Of William Shakespeare As Shakespeare-Marlowe for the future.



13. What does this change in authorship identity mean to the works of Shakespeare?

Why The Literary Works Of Shakespeare-Marlowe Are Now More Dazzling Than Ever.



14. A Century Of Scholars' Remarks On The Influence Of Marlowe On Shakespeare.

This is a telling collection of scholarly opinion.

Marlowe's Influences On Shakespeare



15. Cognitive Dissonance And Why Academics Are In Real Trouble Now.

This is why we are going to see an enduring public storm in the literary-academic world.

The Conflict Between Self-Image And Truth.



16. How did academics get the identity of Shakespeare wrong?

The future will be amazed and desperate for an answer to this question.

How Did This Impossible Thing Happen?



17. What must happen now in Shakespearean Scholarship?

How Does Shakespearean Scholarship Go Forward After This Staggering Debacle?



18. Will academic careers be ruined by the Shakespeare-X Message?

How much damage will there be?

To Be Or Not To Be?



19. How did Lee Vidor uncover the Shakespeare-X Message?

How it happened.

You'll never believe it..



20. Who was the real Christopher Marlowe as well as being Shakespeare?

A Set Of Articles on the genius Christopher Marlowe and his astonishing life.

Christopher Marlowe, wounded child of the angels, you are made immortal with a kiss.


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The Dazzling Genius Shakespeare-Marlowe

A Set Of Articles on the genius Christopher Marlowe and his astonishing life.

Christopher 'Kit' Marlowe aka Shakespeare-Marlowe.


Shakespeare-Marlowe Close up


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