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Will Shakespeare's Neighborhood

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


During the course of my my recent research into the Shakespeare-X Message and the true identity of Shakespeare, I discovered these extremely rare photographs of Shakespeare's house and local neighborhood.

They were taken in 1571 and stored under a pillow for 440 years.

Well done intrepid scholars! Now that is what you call research!



The View From Outside Will Shakespeare's House.


This photograph was taken standing outside Will Shakespeare's house, (see photo at bottom). On the left of the photograph can be seen the Grocer's shop where young Will would hang out after school, making smartass witty remarks and grabbing at the bottoms of the local young virgins sent there to buy ale for their mothers.


Shakespeare's House and Hood



Will Shakespeare's Actual House


This is an extremely rare photograph of the actual house of the notorious Will Shakespeare, taken from a nearby alley. Notice the washing which Mrs Shakespeare has hung from her windows, indicating that the photograph was taken sometime early on a Monday morning.



Shakespeare's House


The figure in the open window is thought to be that of Will's older brother, Edward, once thought by some to be the author of some of the lesser Shakespeare plays. Edward is here seen positioned on the shoulders of the 7 year old Will Shakespeare (unseen), in order that he can spit peas down on unsuspecting people passing below in the street.


My thanks to Captain Kirk, Mr Spock and especially Scotty the engineer for these remarkable photographs.

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