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Have Tea With Lee On Second Life

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


I have a private island on Second Life. In a while you'll be able to come and have tea and a chat live with me there.

You'll need an avatar of course, but that's all. That doesn't cost anything.

And I'll need to have it all set up and running too..

But it'll be very pleasant and no money will have to be exchanged.

So that'll be a nice change for us all. Free tea!

I'll announce it in Latest News on this website when it's up and running. Maybe in 4 months or so.

Unless a lot of difficult people make a lot of unnecessary trouble for me over the Shakespeare-X Message..

And then I come to hate everybody..


Anyway, this is what it'll be like on my island when you come for tea..


Lee Vidor Trances Heavenly



On Vimeo With Sound and Good Quality


Lee Vidor Signature


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