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Real Women Page. A visual essay.

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.



This is what real women look like:




Also like this:



Amsterdam Women

Spencer Tunick


And Like this too:



Leonard Nimoy


And sometimes like this..



Leonard Nimoy


Also like this:


The beautiful girls of Bard College.





This is where they like to be touched.


Women TOuch



And also here:


Back ZOnes




These are the most sung about body parts.


Singing Body Parts





This is what very witty people at The Onion would advise women.


Men's Advice Column






This is what'll happen to you if you're a man and you don't learn something from this lovely page.


World's Tallest Woman



And this is all the woman you'll deserve. An unloving silicone doll for $7000.



Real Doll




So there. Get Real.



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